Navy SEALS tragedy inspired Brad Keselowski NASCAR win at Pocono

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Unless you’re currently throwing a brick in the London riots, or are a member of Congress, you’re probably weary of all the bad news in the world. You’d like something inspirational to lift your sagging spirits? Then just listen to NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski, who said that he persevered through injury to win the Sprint Cup Series race at Pocono Raceway on Sunday due to the sacrifice made by the Navy SEAL team which was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan recently.

“I do have a cousin in the Navy SEALS, and one of the guys that died over there was someone he knew and was friends with … it kind of put things in perspective. Uh, you know, I might not be feeling great, but those are the guys who are really making sacrifices. We’re just race car drivers, we’re not curing cancer or over there saving the world like those guys are.”


Go ahead, I dare you not to root for Brad Keselowski from now on. Well stated, sir.

Brad Keselowski: Navy Seals Inspired NASCAR Victory At Pocono [Huffington Post]


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