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Vietnam vets isolated, deserve gratitude

At first glance, he looks like anyone else.

But, anyone that has lived with a Nam Vet knows better.  He is not the young man you waved goodbye to at the airport.  … Vietnam changed him.  War changed him.  Death changed him.  Look closely into his eyes.  You will see a depth there that cannot be entered.  He will not share with you his memories.  You are an outsider.  He doesn’t want to keep you out; he just wants to keep you safe from his memories of Vietnam.

I’ve just read a post of the accidental death of a Vietnam Vet in Dallas, Texas and his family members declined to be involved in paying for final expenses.  He lay at the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office for approximately two weeks.  The VA and the Patriot Guard Riders gave him the services due him as a military veteran. This saddens me to the depths of my soul.  This year I have been married to my Nam Vet for forty-five years.  These men came home alive.  But a part of them was killed in Vietnam.  Their spouses and families never understood them after their return.  Some didn’t even try.  Some were afraid to try.  So, a great number of these survivors lost the families they needed so badly.  Some became outcasts and homeless.  They trusted no one.  Some tried to integrate back into acceptable society, only to realize they just didn’t fit in anywhere.  Some turned to drugs and alcohol.  Some turned to suicide. There were a few tenacious family members that refused to surrender to the loss of their loved one in Vietnam.  They stand by them.  Protect them.  Love them.

Still not completely understanding them, even after all these years. To every veteran:  I am forever grateful for your service to our country.  Your service and sacrifices will not be forgotten.  You are “True American Heroes”.  And to the hero in Dallas, Texas:  May you Forever Rest in Peace.

Michael Irvin to Jim Irsay: Colts Franchise Was ‘Garbage’ Without Peyton Manning

From Larry Brown Sports

The Peyton Manning situation in Indianapolis has gotten ugly over the past couple of weeks, and it will probably get worse before it gets better.  Manning is frustrated.  He does not seem to know what his standing is with the Colts. In addition to that, rumor has it he is struggling with his rehab.  When Manning expressed his displeasure with the way Jim Irsay and the Colts have conducted business since the season ended, Irsay responded by saying Manning should be careful about “painting the horseshoe in a negative light.”  Enter NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin, who said what many of us were thinking over the weekend.

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VanAsselberg back as AirHogs’ skipper

After leading Grand Prairie to title, manager gets two-year extension

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – After leading the Grand Prairie AirHogs to their first championship in their four-year history, field manager Ricky VanAsselberg was rewarded with a new two-year contract, the club announced Monday.

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Rangers keep manager Ron Washington through 2014 with two-year contract extension

From Hardball Talk

Ron Washington’s contract was set to expire after this season, but the Rangers have signed the 60-year-old manager to a two-year extension that will keep him in Texas through 2014.

Washington’s current deal was also a two-year extension inked after the 2010 season, which was the Rangers’ first of back-to-back AL championships.

Washington replaced Buck Showalter in 2007 and went just 75-87 in his first season, but the Rangers have increased their win total in each season since, going from 75 to 79 to 87 to 90 to 96 (which is a team record).

Overall he’s 427-383 (.527) in five seasons, which trails only Joe Girardi, Davey Johnson, Charlie Manuel, Mike Scioscia, and Ron Gardenhire among active managers with multiple seasons of experience.

No word yet on if Little Wash also got an extension.

The Rangers met with Roy Oswalt today

From Baseball Talk

As mentioned by Craig yesterday morning, the Rangers did indeed have a meeting with Roy Oswalt today. But if you’re looking for any major developments, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

T.R. Sullivan of reports that the situation “remains ongoing and unresolved.” Meanwhile, Richard Durrett of described it as an “exploratory meeting.” It’s probably fair to say that a contract was discussed today, but it’s also possible that they were talking about the logistics of a moon colony.

While the Rangers and Cardinals have full starting rotations at the moment, it seems pretty clear that both clubs have interest if the price is right. Rumors of a potential deal with St. Louis over the weekend turned out to be unfounded, but the club is reportedly trying to trade right-hander Kyle McClellan in order to clear some salary.

SINGBLADE: Karl Childers Sings the Classics

Not sports related but you know how sometimes when you surf the internets how you come up on something that is totally funny?

It happened to me just a few moments ago….I’m cracking up here…have a look:

Jared Allen Listing His Alma Mater As “Culinary Academy” Will Probably Be The Most Interesting Moment Of The Pro Bowl

From SportsGrid

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen played his college football at Idaho State. It says so here, and everything. So why, during player intros for tonight’s Pro Bowl (which, let’s face it, you did not know was tonight), did Allen list his alma mater as…

Cooking schools are producing way more football talent than we thought. Well, either that, or even the players are so bored by the Pro Bowl that they have to do things like make up joke schools for themselves to make it bearable. (Our money’s on the cooking school one.)

And while we were tempted at first to think, “Well, that sounds like a way less badass alma mater than Ball So Hard University,” we then thought: a Jared Allen culinary academy would probably involve killing this, and these, with your bare hands, then ripping out their flesh and eating it raw. A Jared Allen music institute would involve the same activities, as would a Jared Allen law school and Jared Allen court stenographer school. Jared Allen just really likes to kill, is what it comes down to.

UPDATE 1/6/2013 FROM LEWP::::::::::

Not sure why everyone is reading about Allen, but thanks for visiting the blog…you readers are blowing up my blog and I love it. Thousands of you are reading this story and I’m not sure what the news is, other than he’s having surgery? Anyways, I found another video you might like.


Dirk Nowitzki ‘I Haven’t Seen one Team in the West That I’m Scared of’

From Larry Brown Sports

Dirk Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks are tied for the Southwest Division lead at 12-8. Though the defending champs haven’t looked like the best team in the NBA through the first part of the season, Dirk still believes his team is the favorite to reach the NBA Finals.

“I haven’t seen one team in the West that I’m scared of,” Nowitzki reportedly said Friday. “I really haven’t. I think we can compete with all of them.

“Oklahoma City has probably the best record, but I think we’ve played them well every time we’ve seen them and everybody else has been up and down.”

The Mavs have split with the Thunder this season, losing the first matchup on a last-second three from Kevin Durant, and winning the rematch at home by 13. Dallas also beat Oklahoma City in the Eastern Conference Finals last year.

Despite Dallas’ 0-3 start, and Dirk sitting out some games to rest his knee and get into better shape, he’s right — the road to the Finals goes through the Mavericks. The only problem is the Thunder may be good enough to beat them this year.

LeBron James Jumps Over Bulls’ John Lucas To Finish Alley Oop, May Be Superhuman

From SportsGrid:

You knew LeBron James was unfairly athletic for his 6-foot-8, 260-or-so-pound frame. In fact, you’re probably so used to seeing him do amazing things that it hardly registers when he does them. Most of the time, anyway. But sometimes, LeBron does something ridiculous even by his own lofty standards.  Early on in today’s game against the Bulls, LeBron pulled off just such a feat:

Sure, the Bulls’ John Lucas is small (5-11) by NBA standards, and was ducking. You still should not be able to do what LeBron does there. And he makes it look so easy that the announcing team flat-out admits that at first, they didn’t even realize LeBron essentially went human hurdling to finish that play. Not only that – he really never even corralled the ball fully. He just gently guided it in after jumping unreasonably high with unreasonable ease. He also rode his bike to the arena today. LeBron James is a cartoon character, basically.

Dominican players and identity fraud: “these are like time bombs”

In the wake of the “Leo Nunez” and “Fausto Carmona” identity fraud incidents, the New York Times has a story in which people around baseball talk about how widespread the problem is feared to be: Continue reading

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