DateJanuary 15, 2012

Sometimes, Facebook can put you in touch with greatness

Isn’t this painting amazing and life-like?

It’s a work in progress by one of my Facebook friends Vernon Wells. Yes, THAT Vernon Wells.

What an amazing artist he is. The TCU grad lives in the Dallas – Fort Worth area in the off-season. This painting is called “The 600 Club”.

Facebook is a pretty cool way to meet people no?


Rangers’ meeting with Prince Fielder went “extremely well”

Free agent first baseman Prince Fielder has been travelling around the baseball world with his agent, Scott Boras, visiting teams who have expressed interest — mild or serious — in signing him.

The 27-year-old met with Rangers executives on Friday in Dallas, and it apparently went swimmingly.

Here’s the tweet from ESPN’s Jim Bowden:

Rangers president Nolan Ryan told reporters recently that his team’s pursuit of Fielder is in a “very preliminary” stage, but if Bowden’s information is correct, and Texas can afford to fit both Darvish and Fielder into its budget, perhaps negotiations will soon grow more serious. How ’bout this AL West?

Rangers, Yu Darvish not gelling on length of contract

Rangers president Nolan Ryan seemed confident last week that a deal would be struck with Japanese starter Yu Darvish before Wednesday’s deadline.

But that’s suddenly just three days away.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, the two sides are disagreeing on the amount of years — not the amount of dollars — that will frame Darvish’s first major league contract. Darvish’s camp wants the deal to be for five years so that he can hit free agency sooner and possibly cash in again, and the Rangers want to lock him up for six to maximize the value of their record $51,703,411 posting fee.

It still seems like a given that one side will eventually cave and that a compromise will be reached. Darvish probably isn’t interested in returning to Nippon Professional Baseball, and the Rangers wouldn’t have made such an aggressive push for the 25-year-old right-hander if they weren’t enamored with him.

Darvish, who stands 6′ 5″, posted a 1.44 ERA and 276/36 K/BB ratio in 232 innings last season in NPB.

Ron Washington has already named his opening day starter

THE BEST OF RANGERS PITCHER COLBY LEWIS -- Actor Matthew McConaughey talks with Texas P Colby Lewis as he throws a few pitc hes in the Rangers underground cages before the New York Yankees vs. the Texas Rangers major league baseball game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on Friday May 6, 2011.


More than a month before the start of spring training, Rangers manager Ron Washington already has announced his intended opening day pitcher: RHP Colby Lewis.

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Ray Lewis And Arian Foster Make Like It’s The Other Football, Swap Jerseys

From SportsGrid

Over the course of an NFL game, some bad blood is bound to surface, thanks in large part to the game’s physical nature. Today’s Ravens-Texans playoff game was no exception. But amid all that physicality and sometimes downright antipathy, bonds are formed. One such bond exists between the Ravens’ Ray Lewis and Texans’ Arian Foster. And so after Lewis’ side was finished vanquishing Foster’s earlier today, we had this:

Such jersey swaps, of course, usually happen in that other football, and the fact that they’re as rare as they are in American football makes it all the cooler that Lewis and Foster did this. That, plus the fact that Lewis and Foster are two elite players, the types you can really see respecting one another enough as competitors that they’d do a thing like this. Jersey-swapping in soccer alwaus weirded us out a little bit, but that might have had something to do with everyone doing it. Thinking of it as an activity of the greats of the game, a status you earn by proving you’re one of the best of the best, a sign of respect from star to star – that’s a tradition we can get behind.

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