High school scraps Cougars mascot because … it’s deragatory to older women?

From Off the Bench:

A new high school in Draper, Utah has rejected the students’ choice of “Cougars” as the school’s new mascot, based on complaints that older women may find it offensive. The Canyon High School District overturned a recent student vote at Corner Canyon High School, and will use the name “Chargers” instead.

Because, you now, “Cougars” could be taken as a slang term for women who like to date younger men.

Wait, am I dreaming this? This is real? Ack. OK, let’s continue.

The Corner Canyon High School in Draper, Utah, needed to choose a mascot and after 23% of students who voted decided they wanted to be the Corner Canyon Cougars. Falcons, Raptors and Diamondbacks were the other choices on the ballot.

But that didn’t sit well with parents who called in and complained that “Cougar” was a derogatory word because of how it’s made its way into our vocabulary for older women who like to date younger men.

“We have received numerous e-mail messages and phone calls from parents and patrons in Draper asking us to reconsider the inclusion of ‘Cougars’ as a mascot option,” David S. Doty, superintendent of the Canyons School District, wrote in a memo to the Board of Education. “Opposition to the ‘Cougars’ focuses on a concern that the mascot, combined with the school’s blue/white/silver color scheme, will be too similar to Brigham Young University. Many also have commented on the negative double entendre of the word ‘cougar.’”

Kind of a slap in the face to the good people at BYU, wouldn’t you say? Needless to say, college applications to BYU from Corner Canyon High seniors will be getting very special attention in the coming years.

Salt Lake Tribune comments section:

In related news BYU is changing their name to the MILF’s. — Picklejuice

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