Skip Schumaker ‘Rally Squirrel’ Topps card sells for $600 on eBay

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Last week we told you about the new Skip Schumaker SP (single print) 93 baseball card, which is part of the new Topps set released on Tuesday. Featured prominently on the card is the handsome and dashing Rally Squirrel … with the only visible sign of Schumaker being his left heel and ankle. Yahoo Sports says that it’s the only time in history that a player’s Topps card has not included his face.

According to Keith Olbermann on his Baseball Nerd blog, Schumaker himself was a bit miffed with this development (players do not have approval of their Topps image). But is Schumaker’s annoyance misplaced?

For one thing, another version of Schumaker’s card in the 2012 set features him in full frame. That card is currently available on eBay for about $1. One of the Rally Squirrel cards, meanwhile, recently sold on eBay for $600. Yep. You can find others there now for $100 and up.

Rally Squirrel, however, is not the first squirrel to appear on a Topps card. Olbermann:

“Players take the baseball card photo a lot more seriously than they would have you believe. Several inscribe cards bearing particularly unflattering pictures with notations about how much they hate the photo. On occasion players won’t even sign their cards based solely on the choice of image.

The real trick for the Schumaker SP 93 will be not to get the player to sign it – he’s noted for a good heart, I’m sure the charity possibilities will be raised to him and he’ll sign a bunch. The problem is going to be getting that Squirrel to sign the card. Incidentally, the squirrel isn’t a Topps first; a card of “Paulie Walnuts,” a squirrel who occupied a foul pole at Yankee Stadium, was issued in 2007.”

*** Skip Schumaker’s baseball card is a squirrel [Off the Bench]

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