DateFebruary 4, 2012

Another Super Bowl ad you will see tomorrow

From Off the Bench:

1. A Dream Car For Real Life, Kia. Kia vaults to No. 1 by popular demand (and I didn’t appreciate the brick through the window), replacing the Volkswagen Star Wars dogs, who were cut because they were just a teaser commercial for Volkswagen and won’t actually be appearing during the Super Bowl. Kia blended all the things I love: hot women in bikinis, Motley Crue, the rhinoceros rodeo, and sub sandwiches so enormous that they have to be cut by a lumberjack with a chainsaw. Well played.


Facebook photo of woman rock climbing with baby strapped to her back causes controversy, for some reason

From Off the Bench

A single mother from Wales has caused somewhat of a firestorm by posting a photo of herself rock climbing with her two-year-old daughter strapped to her back. They’re pretty high up a rock face, and the woman is wearing a helmet — but not the kid. Take Your Daughter to Work Day?

Here’s the photo.

Our Mom of the Year is Menna Pritchard, 26, and she has a perfectly logical explanation. From the London Daily Mail:

“I can appreciate if you didn’t realize how safe the environment I was in, it could be worrying, but I was top-roping which means if you fall you don’t fall any further than where you came off.

“It is the safest form of climbing you can do. I was also in a beach environment surrounded by experienced climbers. Health and safety legislation and the sue and blame culture mean so many people are nervous, so afraid of getting into trouble, and taking small risks. Life is all about risks, whether that’s something as simple as getting in your car every day or climbing up a rock face.”

Yes, that damn “sue and blame culture.” They ruin everyone’s fun.

I can’t help but look at that photo and think of the Popeye cartoon in which Sweet Pea, the baby, gets out of the house and is crawling across girders being swung by a crane several stories up at a construction site.

And to think people got into such an uproar when 13-year-old Jordan Romero climbed Mt. Everest. What were you doing when you were two, kid?

According To The New York Giants Website, They have Already Won Super Bowl XLVI

From SportsGrid

You have to credit the New York Giants, who seem to be heading into Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI matchup with the New England Patriots with plenty of confidence, for at least getting a jump on their championship apparel just in case they happen to win the big game.

Or, we can look at it in using a glass-half-empty approach and say that it’s unfortunate that at some point this morning some poor employee of the New York Giants website lost his or her job. Either way, here’s a graphic of what is assumed to be a mock-up of the Giants post-Super Bowl frontpage set to go live should they beat the Patriots tomorrow.

The graphic was posted earlier this morning, according to The Nosebleeds, but has since been taken down. Thankfully, we have fine folks like Mike Giardi, of, who was able to take a screencap, which in turn allows us to scratch our heads and wonder how/why this went live at all.


My favorite Super Bowl ad for this year

One of the big things to watch in addition to the Super Bowl game, are the Super Bowl ads.

Volkswagen usually has some good ones, and in my opinion, has the best Super Bowl ad for this year.

I’ll be bringing more ads as the game gets closer tomorrow, but here is my #1 ad:


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