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Buzz Williams talks about the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker (Video)

From Larry Brown Sports

Marquette coach Buzz Williamsspoke emotionally after leading his team to the Sweet 16 for the second straight year. Asked by a reporter about his decision to go into the stands to hug his family after the team’s victory instead of conducting a TV interview, Williams explained his actions in a heartfelt, yet strange way.

“I’m not worried about TV, not worried about the crowd, not worried about the pageantry or the ambience of what the tournament is about,” he said. “I’m humbled by it all.  Extremely grateful for my wife and the sacrifices that she makes and for our four children, growing up as sons and daughters of coaches is very volatile and extremely emotional.

“A country kid that just hung in there.  Hang in there, hang in there, hang in there, throw a good pitch, throw a good pitch.  The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, show up and go to work and do it every day no matter what’s surrounding you.  That’s really hard, man.

“You got to be a lion chaser to be married to me.  She’s tougher than all them kids we play with.  It’s really humbling, really humbling.”

Many people were moved by his speech while others thought he was high on drugs. I just know those words earned him plenty of points with the wifey, that’s for sure.

Oh, and sorry to break it to you, Buzz, but West Virginia fans still hate you.

C.J. Wilson pranks Mike Napoli by tweeting his cell phone number

From Larry Brown Sports:

C.J. Wilson must have been feeling pretty saucy on Saturday, because he decided to prank his former catcher Mike Napoli. Wilson sent a tweet with his supposed new phone number, telling Napoli to call him.

Wilson knew most people would figure the phone number was sent by accident — a message intended to be private — and that they would probably call thinking it was Wilson’s number. That’s the best part about the prank — the number was Mike Napoli’s, and the 714 area code was from Mike’s Anaheim day’s. Calling the number took you straight to voicemail where Napoli’s voice was on the answering message and you were told his mailbox was full. The prank clearly worked.

Wilson later deleted the tweet and sort of apologized, saying “Okay I think we’ve all had a good time, I’m even with mike for saying he can’t wait to hit homers off me.”

Hey, no biggie, Napoli can always change his number. That’s probably what Mike Trout had to do last spring.


America: Is This The Coolest College Pep Band In The Nation?

Why, Virginia Commonwealth University, we didn’t know you had it in you! The VCU athletic band, known as the VCU Peppas, isn’t into the whole “striped shirts” and “instruments with the school’s logo” thing. And their band leader is seen as the “rebel” director of the conference, if there is such a thing. But besides shucking the bonds being a bunch of nerds in striped shirts, the Peppas are also particularly good at playing their instruments. My head is bobbing. Here they are playing in Portland, Oregon.

That was fast: The Ohio University upset shirt is out

From Off the Bench

I knew that Ohio University had a rather contentious relationship with Ohio State, but evidently it extends to other parts of the Big Ten as well. Via @darrenrovell, here’s the shirt that’s hot off the presses following the No. 14 Bobcats’ 65-60 win over the No. 4 Wolverines.

Memphis looking at buying AutoZone Park

From Baseball Digest:

The city of Memphis is reviewing a pitch to buy AutoZone Park, home of the Memphis Redbirds (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League), from the nonprofit foundation that owns it.

The Memphis Commercial Appeal is reporting that the city’s Housing and Community Development department has a proposal to buy the ballpark from the Memphis Redbirds Baseball Foundation and the main holder of ballpark bonds, New York-based Fundamental Advisors. The foundation built the ballpark in 2000, issuing $72 million in bonds for the ballpark site (which includes the next-door office building) and the team. In 2009 Fundamental Advisors bought the bonds for $24 million after the foundation defaulted, which resulted in an overhaul of the Redbirds management and the hiring of Global Spectrum to manage the team and the ballpark.

No word on what Fundamental Advisors is looking for or what Memphis woud get out of ownership. But at least one city councilmember is skeptical:

“Number one, the Redbirds and AutoZone Park are very important to the city,” City Council budget committee chairman Jim Strickland said. “Number two, the city doesn’t have any extra money. It will be really important for me to review the details to be sure the lease payments cover the debt service and that the city is not obligated for the operating expenses. I’m skeptical because, are the debt service payments guaranteed by someone? I would assume this is a multi-million dollar deal. That’s an awful lot of lease payments.”

Josh Hamilton suffers “jammed heel” in spring game

From Hardball Talk:

Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton was lifted from Wednesday’s Cactus League game against the Rockies after suffering what is being called a “jammed right heel” while chasing after a double.

According to beat writer Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Hamilton was spotted icing his right foot in the clubhouse after the 6-1 loss to Colorado. The extent of the injury is not exactly known, but it’s not thought to be serious.

Hamilton, 30, batted .298/.346/.536 with 25 home runs and 94 RBI in 538 plate appearances last season. He’s currently scheduled to become a free agent five days after the conclusion of the 2012 World Series.

Major League Baseball releases its social media policy — and it’s pretty good

From Hardball Talk

Part of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement reached last November was the implementation of a social media policy for players. They didn’t come up with one, actually, but they said they were going to.  Now they have, and it was just forwarded to me.

It’s in two parts, one for major leaguers and one for minor leaguers. It was accompanied by an explanatory memo.  Here are some highlights, starting with the memo to all players on 40-man rosters, which starts out in a surprisingly refreshing way:

While having a Social Media policy is important to protecting the interests of everyone involved in promoting the game, we hope that you will not view this policy as a blanket deterrent to engaging in social media. MLB recognizes the importance of social media as an important way for players to communicate directly with fans. We encourage you to connect with fans through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Along with MLB’s extensive social media activities, we hope that your efforts on social media will help bring fans closer to the game and have them engaged with baseball, your club and you in a meaningful way.\

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Cowboys land CB Brandon Carr, make several free agent moves


After wooing Brandon Carr underneath the bright lights of Cowboys Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys have agreed to a five-year deal with the free agent cornerback on Wednesday.

A league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the contract is worth $50.1 million.

The Cowboys also agreed to a three-year contract with quarterback Kyle Orton, a source said. Both Carr and Orton played last season for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Carr met with owner and general manager Jerry Jones, executive vice president Stephen Jones, coach Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan among others in Arlington as the team attempted to fill a desperate need.

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Texas man may lose leg after being stabbed with putter during golf course brawl

From Off the Bench

You laughed when a young twerp was pummeled by geezers with a golf ball retriever for disturbing them with an air horn, but now things are getting a little more serious on the golf course. A man who was part of a threesome playing through a slower group at the Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake, in Fort Worth, was attacked by one of the golfers, and was stabbed in the leg with a broken putter. And he may lose a leg.

Clay Carpenter, 48, said his group had permission from the course marshal to play through, but one of the players in the other group took exception, and an angry confrontation ensued. Carpenter:

“Things change rapidly, you know. He swings at my head with his golf club, with his putter. Well, I stick my hand up. It breaks my thumb,” Carpenter said.

The next few moments remain a blur for him, and are the focus of a criminal investigation by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

“Next thing I know, my buddy’s saying, ‘Clay you’ve been stabbed,’” he said. “Obviously my shoes were filling up with blood, and at that point I passed out.”

Friends tried to help Carpenter as paramedics made their way to the 13th hole. The club had punctured a femoral artery.

Carpenter said he likely won’t play golf again, and may have to have his leg amputated. The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Dept. is investigating.

I thought golf was supposed to relieve stress? It sure seems to be the opposite.

*** Golfer stabbed with broken putter during golf course melee, may lose right leg [Sportress of Blogitude]

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