Bad news for Tigers fans: Kate Upton may be dating Justin Verlander

So now perhaps we have a reason for Justin Verlander’s stinky All-Star performance for the American League. Or perhaps not. But it’s possible that he was distracted by swimsuit model/actress/spokesperson/hostess Kate Upton, with whom it is rumored that he’s having a relationship. Don’t most players have an SI Swimsuit Issue Cover Model clause in their contracts? You should wait until the offseason, Verlander.

Business Insider:

Upton and Verlander were spotted at a local bar Thursday night “getting chummy” after reportedly going to an Aerosmith concert.

Verlander has dated Emily Yuen since college, but it is unknown if the two are still together.

We’re guessing they’re not since reports say Upton and Verlander were “hanging all over each other” at the bar.

Upton and Verlander met on the set of an MLB 2k12 ad.


This comes as good news to Jets fans — Upton had been rumored to be dating Mark Sanchez recently. Is the “Upton Effect” a real thing? I guess we’ll find out.



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