Attention Rangers: It’s time


Last year, the Texas Rangers had a big marketing push headed by the phrase, “It’s time.”

Now more than ever that slogan holds true. The Rangers’ lead in the American League West is now down to 4 games over the Angels, and 4 1/2 games over Oakland.  It’s time to light a torch under the Rangers’ butts to get them going. To show some life, to act like the AL representative to two World Series. I feel like someone needs to do something. It’s time to get going!

Losing Colby Lewis really hurt. He was our number one starter.

Zack Greinke signs with the Angels.

Josh Hamilton hears some boos.

Alexi Ogando stretches out a bit

I like Ogando, but I like Ogando in the bullpen. He only has one pitch, and thats his fastball. You can’t live very long in the majors by just throwing one pitch, unless you are only gonna throw that pitch to a few batters.

Lack of execution hurts Rangers. Come on guys. Many of you are in a batting slump of some kind, the least you could do is play hard in the field.

Watching the Rangers go through all of this is like watching your soda being spilled in slow motion. You see bad things happening, you just can’t stop it.

It’s time to get going. Time to start playing smart, time to start winning.

The Rangers have yet yo beat the White Sox in four games this season. Time to lay it on them.


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