It’s time for high school football and cranking up the sports knob in Texas

Chad McGhee cranks out on

Sports in Texas is a thing that I can’t explain in simple terms. It’s like a rabid disease. Everyone in Texas is exposed to sports. Now that the Olympics are going on, the Rangers are in first place, the demise of the Mavericks, and Cowboys training camp is going on, all at the same time. On Monday, high school practices begin for many schools here in the state. I’m sure our friend Chad McGhee will look forward to another good year in Knox City. You think Chad is sort of unknown?


Check this out: I promoted his videos last year on this very site, picked up his trail, and this one video has over 150,000 hits. Not bad for an ol boy from west Texas right? So never be ashamed of your passion to be artistic, wherever it may lead. Blogging, photography, writing, and anything else that you have a passion for doing and creating needs to be cultivated. Which brings me today’s nomination for two guys that have a passion for what they do. They too live in Texas, they also have hot sports opinions, and they have diverted that passion into an art form. Welcome to the Cory and Cody internet show. When I listen to it, I know some of their facts may be mistaken, but I don’t care. It gets me to thinking about sports, and that’s what I think about most of my waking day anyways. Have a look at their most recent video:

And part 2


So keep talking sports people. It’s an art form and I love it!

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