DateAugust 13, 2012

DeMarcus Ware Impressed With Tyron Smith

I’m not sure whats more frightening right now,  that Dallas right tackle Tyron Smith is only 21 or that the accolades continue to roll in.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that superstar linebacker DeMarcus Ware is the latest to heap huge praise on the stud tackle.

Ware stated that the “Aggressive” right tackle is the first guy to ever lock him up.  He made that statement and a few others while on the Coop and Nate show.

“The crazy thing about Tyron is he’s the first guy that when you lock up with him, you can’t get off of him.”

“He’s the first guy to ever do that to me. That shows the strength he has and how quick he is on the inside. He’s a very good, young aggressive tackle. When you try to beat him inside, you can’t. He’s just that athletic. Cowboys fans don’t have anything to worry about. He’s getting the job done and working hard.”

“When you think about a tackle that’s coming from the right side to the left side, it’s a different speed change, but the athleticism of Tyron and how he can latch on to you if you try to overpower him or when you go around the corner, he uses his hands really well,” Ware explained. “Him being that left young tackle is what we need. We need him over there being aggressive. I beat him every once in a while, but he’s been doing his job.”

That is huge praise coming from the best pass rusher in the game right now.  Regardless of the two being teammates, Ware did not have to say it.

Smith will now make the move over to left tackle and should do an incredible job watching Tony Romo’s blind side.

Rangers could call up Jurickson Profar next week

The Rangers are going with a three-man bench after dropping Alberto Gonzalez from the roster last week. That’s expected to change next week, and when it does, top prospect Jurickson Profar could get the call,’s T.R. Sullivan reports.

Profar, widely regarded as the top position prospect in the minors, has hit .283/.362/.463 with 13 homers and 15 steals for Double-A Frisco this season. The native of Curacao will replace Bryce Harper as MLB’s youngest player once he debuts. Born on Feb. 20, 1993, he’s four months younger than Harper.

While Profar projects as an above average defensive shortstop, the Rangers have prepared him at second base in case he’s initially needed elsewhere. He’s played 21 games there this season and one at third base.

The Rangers still might want to wait until September to promote Profar, figuring that there is very little playing time available for him in the infield at the moment. Until Frisco’s season concludes, it will make more sense to get him 25 at-bats per week in the minors than it would five in the majors.

Video of the Day: Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

From Hardball Talk

Seen on Friday in McCovey Cove, just over the right field wall at AT&T Park:

Our friend Rick Chandler from Off the Bench has the story of the guy who made that bad boy.

Sometimes I weep for America. Like, when I read stuff like this.  But sometimes, when I see things like the creation in that video, I know we’re all gonna be OK.

Jerry, the more you talk, the stupider you sound

You might remember about this time last year we discussed Jerry Jones making his annual prediction for the Cowboys making the Super Bowl (again).

Well, he’s at it again. According to ESPN, he is predicting the big game for the Cowboys yet again:

Jones notes that coaches rarely make those kinds of preseason proclamations. They’d rather not impact their job security by coming up short after setting the bar sky high.

“I’m the opposite,” said Jones, the only general manager in the league who is his own boss. “I’m in the business of wanting people to be excited about our team.”

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Texas high school holds first football practice at 1:35 a.m.

From Off the Bench

We showed you the new $60 million football stadium at Allen High School (near Dallas) last week, but in Texas, football obsession does not stop with the facilities. Prosper High (also near Dallas — it’s a few miles northwest) decided that it was just too damn hot to hold its first practice during the day, so they took the field at 1:35 a.m. on Monday morning (Sunday night to you and me).

And that was following a 1 1/2-hour pep rally. This included students running onto the field through this awesome inflatable eagle.

Players reported to the locker room at midnight to get their equipment, and didn’t head home until about 4 a.m.

(Prosper head coach Luke) Scott came up with the idea in 2001, when he took his first head coaching job at Ralls, 30 miles east of Lubbock. Ralls was on a 17-game losing streak when Scott took the job.

“They needed something to revive, something to get excited about,” Scott said. “So, I told myself that we were going to tell the kids that we were going to outwork everybody. And we were going to outwork them by getting an early start.”

OK then.

In case you think that Texas has a monopoly on this insanity idea, you should know that schools in other states are doing this as well. But what’s more unusual than the practice is the time that this Dallas Morning News story was filed. I’ve never seen a prep football story with a 3:37 a.m. post time in the byline.

Much thanks to Lew Patton.

Karlos Dansby: Cutting Chad Johnson will be an even bigger distraction

Chad Johnson’s career in Miami has ended before it really even started. In the wake of his arrest for domestic violence and allegedly head-butting his new wife Evelyn Lozada over the weekend, the Dolphins have officially cut Johnson.While it is the first time Johnson has been in trouble with the law, the Dolphins were reportedly not willing to deal with any extra baggage he might bring along and felt no reason to hear the full story before giving him his release. Linebacker Karlos Dansbywishes they had.

“It’s going to be a bigger distraction because we let him go,” Dansby said during an appearance on 640 Sports in Ft. Lauderdale according to Pro Football Talk.  “He didn’t get that third strike. That’s just me personally. … We’ve been through worse. We’ve seen worse.

“That’s not Chad. If anybody knows Chad, that’s not Chad. The man don’t drink, the man don’t smoke. He may clown around but when it comes to football, he’s all about football. That’s his life. For him to be in this situation, that’s unfortunate. And it’s out of character.”

Whether he deserved another chance or not, it’s officially time for the artist formerly known as Ochocinco to start looking for a career in porn. Johnson was already on thin ice with the Dolphins organization for saying ridiculous things to reporters and talking too much during HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Head coach Joe Philbin’s patience was wearing thin with him, so the arrest was likely the final nail in the coffin. Second and third chances are typically not reserved for players who have a history of being a distraction.

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