5-foot-1, 100-pound sixth grader throws varsity touchdown pass

At first glance, Andrew Robison looks like any other sixth grader with a Justin Bieber-inspired hairdo.
However, after Friday, Robison stands alone as possibly the youngest player to throw a varsity touchdown in a regular season high school football game.

The 5-foot-1, 100-pound sixth grader from Franklin Christian Academy (Franklin, Tenn.) threw a 63-yard touchdown pass against McClain Christian Academy to junior Aaron Thon in his first varsity snap.

Though no formal record exists, Robison appears to be the youngest player to ever throw a varsity touchdown pass.
USC-commit David Sills threw nine touchdown passes as an eighth grader in 2010; Tim Couch made the varsity squad at Leslie County as a seventh grader, backing up his older brother.

Many state governing bodies don’t allow players to suit up for varsity teams (this chart shows the breakdown.) Unlike neighboring states Mississippi and Kentucky, Tennessee’s state governing body, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) does not permit any student below ninth grade to play varsity athletics.

The quirk that makes Robison’s case so unique is that, although Franklin Christian Academy plays against TSSAA schools, it is not a member of the TSSAA. Translation: Robison is free to throw as many sixth-grade touchdown passes as he likes.

What do Robison’s parents think about their son being thrown to the proverbial varsity wolves?

You’ll have to ask Franklin Christian Academy head coach Drew Robison, Andrew’s father.

Drew Robison said he did not expect to use his son as anything but the middle school quarterback, but he was forced to turn to him when starting quarterback K.C. Jorgensen went down with cramps.

“I called a slant and put him in the shotgun. I was really concerned, to be honest,” he said.
The younger Robison had a quick release and Thon did the rest, streaking toward the end zone for the long score.
The first person to greet him was Andrew Robison.

“After he threw that pass, he was just sprinting. He was going crazy,” Drew Robison said. “His reaction was a lot like Terrell Owens after he caught the post from Steve Young.”

Robison played three other snaps the rest of the way, throwing two incomplete passes and handing off once.
Franklin Christian Academy lost the game 66-30. The Falcons and their preteen signal-caller will look to rebound against the Webb School
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