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Heart of Dallas Bowl Benefits Charities in Metroplex


When Oklahoma State takes the field against Purdue at Dallas’ storied Cotton Bowl Stadium tomorrow, the focus will be on two of major college football’s top teams and the football game they contest in the inaugural Heart of Dallas Bowl.
While the game will provide entertainment for thousands in the stadium and many more on ESPNU television throughout the country, it serves an even greater purpose for the Dallas Metroplex.
The Heart of Dallas Bowl was created just a few short months ago, designed to give back to the Dallas community through top-flight sports and entertainment events that generate awareness and funding that will help to alleviate homelessness in the Dallas area.

The Best News Bloopers for 2012

No end of the year celebration can be complete without reviewing some of the best news bloopers for the year. Check ’em out:
Part 1

Part 2


The Morning Report (12-31-12) New Years Eve, Say Goodbye to 2012 and Hello 2013, get your champagne drinks on edition


Well wow, where has this year gone???? Seriously!

First, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!!!! I have to tell you, as the years pass, time becomes more and more precious to me. I get a little bit more sentimental each year, so please forgive me as i wish you a Happy New Year, I have to also look back at the events of 2012, to understand some sort of measurement of where I am. I’m a sentimental nut I guess. So, here we are, writing the last morning report for this year. I wonder really, how many people read this stuff? Oh well, it helps me if nothing else. If you are reading this, thanks. Perhaps we are like two ships passing in the night. I have no idea what that means, t just seemed right.

I don’t even know where to begin all of this. I have so much to say, and wondering how to organize it all. So lets start with this, from the Google page, I’m sure you have all seen this, but here goes anyway.


So what did the good folks in the USA Google in 2012? Well, according to Google, these:



  1. Whitney                        Houston
  2. Hurricane                        Sandy
  3. Election                        2012
  4. Hunger                        Games
  5. Jeremy Lin
  6. Olympics                        2012
  7. Amanda Todd
  8. Gangnam                        Style
  9. Michael Clarke Duncan
  10. KONY 2012

What about events in 2012?

Events of 2012

  1. Hurricane                        Sandy
  2. Presidential Election
  3. Super Bowl
  4. Olympics
  5. UEFA Euro                        2012
  6. KONY                        Movement
  7. SOPA                        Protest
  8. Aurora                        Shooting
  9. Trayvon Martin Case
  10. Hurricane                        Isaac

I could on and on about what we all looked for on Google, here is a link if you want to look for more trends in 2012


What were some top stories around here in north Texas? This is a big question, and I could research this for hours which I don’t have. But these come to mind very quickly:

Yu Darvish, Big Tex, J.R. Ewing, All big names around here for sure.

I should mention that Hagman passed away on November 23 from  complications of throat cancer aged 81, but fans will see him return for his  last scenes on the revival of the hit TV show in the new series of the soap  filmed before his tragic death. The episode will be screened in the US on  January 28th, and shown on Channel 5 soon after.

article-0-16AD83E3000005DC-472_634x641Hagman’s eternally scheming character is in  the midst  of buying out his family members in the newly created Ewing  Energy.

The show’s producers are evidently  still  wrestling with a way to write his character’s death  and funeral into the  popular soap.

 Earlier this month, around 1,500 fans turned  up at the iconic Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas to pay their  respects to  Hagman at an informal memorial.

Larry’s co-stars Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy  also gave touching eulogies at the service.


Tomorrow being January 1st, that means the bowl games start in earnest. No disrespect to any and all bowl games palyed in December, but old-school me is used to January 1st as being the day to really start watching bowl games. Here is a thought for you: Can you rmember the last time if ever that the Big 10 representative in the Rose Bowl was unranked? It happens tomorrow when Wisconsin takes the field. Of course Ohio State went undefeated, but they are being punished for recruiting violations and can’t play in a bowl. (Serves ’em right).

I hate to drop names here, but I will be in attendance of the Heart of Dallas Bowl and watching the Oklahoma State Cowboys play the Purdue Boilermakers. Should be fun but I think the Cowboys run away with this one. Which leads me to say at least one Cowboys team around here wins..lolol. I crack myself up.


To quote Steve Blow from the Dallas Morning News,

It was a bad year for Twinkies and Lance Armstrong, for Rangers fans and American Airlines passengers.

But maybe we didn’t pay enough attention to all the good news that came along in 2012. So let’s end the year on a high note, taking stock of some things that went right.

Some big local accomplishments were hard to miss — the soaring Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, downtown’s lively Belo Garden and Klyde Warren deck park, the snazzy Perot Museum of Nature and Science and, of course, Melissa Rycroft’s win on Dancing With the Stars.


I’ve been saving this sad part for several days now:

Photos: Notable people we’ve lost in 2012


So what was the best story in 2012? It depends. It depends on your preferences, I don’t know what those are. For me though, it was this.

Texas A&M Football: 6 Reasons Aggies’ Move to the SEC Was the Right Choice


There, now I said it, I feel much better.


So, What Should Jones Do Now That the Cowboys Have Missed the Playoffs?


article-2255012-1692C54D000005DC-154_308x467Miss Pennsylvania ordered to pay $5m to  Donald Trump after claiming ‘trashy’ Miss USA pageant was ‘fixed’.

A beauty queen who resigned after alleging that the Miss USA pageant had been fixed says she is stunned by a ruling that she must pay the pageant organization $5 million for defamation.

Former Miss Pennsylvania USA Sheena Monnin said that the ‘most logical course’ would be to contest the arbitrator’s ruling but she is considering her options.

Arbitrator Theodore Katz says Monnin’s allegations that finalists had been selected in advance were false, harmful and malicious and cost the pageant, owned by billionaire Donald Trump, a $5 million fee from a potential 2013 sponsor.




Well, I guess that’s about it for todays Morning Report. I don’t feel like I did it justice. Much more I wanted to say, but it will have to wait for another day. Thanks so much for reading the blog, this was a great year for the blog. Thanks so much. I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Take care, and be safe out there. Now, I would like to end this post with a tradition that I have done ever since I’ve been blogging. And it’s this video. Enjoy!



Welcome to a new feature

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See? And you thought all of my staying up at nights was just me drinking coffee.

Welcome to a brand new feature of the blog. Call it a post Christmas present. I will be posting different publications embedded in different posts for you! Isn’t this going to be cool?

Enjoy! I have to find more! Oh, and if you look closely enough, you may find another surprise! Isn’t this fun????? NOTE: If your computer is as slow as mine, (bear in mind, I’m just a one-man operation here), you may have to be patient and let this magazine load. Good luck!
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Damontre Moore to declare for draft


Texas A&M junior defensive end Damontre Moore‘s next game for the Aggies will be his last.

The 6-foot-4, 250-pound defensive end has declared for early entry into the 2013 NFL draft, Texas A&M announced on Sunday night.

Moore had a strong junior season, leading the Aggies in tackles with 80, finishing tied for third in the nation in sacks with 12.5 and tied for fifth in tackles for loss with 20. He was named a first-team All-American by several organizations, including, the Walter Camp Football Foundation, the American Football Coaches Association and the Football Writers Association of America.

Moore was second on ESPN’s Todd McShay’s initial 2013 mock draft.

“Today is a sad moment and a happy moment,” Moore said in a statement. “It’s always been a dream of mine to play in the NFL, but I’ve loved my time representing the 12th Man and with my teammates at Texas A&M. Wherever I go, I will always be an Aggie at heart.”

Moore could become the third defensive lineman since 1970 to lead the Aggies in tackles if he finishes first in the category after the AT&T Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma on Friday. He would be the first since Sam Adams accomplished the feat in 1993. Moore also had eight quarterback hurries and two blocked kicks this season.

“I couldn’t be happier for Damontre as he pursues his professional dreams in the NFL,” Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin said in a statement. “He’s been a great representative of Texas A&M University, as a student and a football player, and I know he will continue to be an ambassador for the university in everything he does in the future.”


The Morning Report (12-30-12) The day before, the day before New Years Day edition


Happy Sunday everyone.

I had a super time yesterday at the Amon Carter Stadium watching the Rice and Air Force Academy Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth yesterday. My thanks to Tim Simmons and all of the people in charge of media relations and credentials for the chance to witness such a grand event. I hate to sound like a social butterfly, but next up is the Heart of Dallas Bowl on January 1st at the “old” Cotton Bowl in Dallas at Fair Park with Oklahoma State vs. Purdue. My thanks also to Dave Liby and Will Martin for your ideas and participation in making it all happen as well.

There so many bowl games now.619035de4f9113bd5ec28bb2208fde76 Obviously, some teams now make it in to bowls with 6-6 records. Back in the day, that would have been unheard of, but the way I look at it is, the school gets money, the communities get money, and the fans get another football game. It’s a win-win-win deal to me. I guess the only remaining thing that should be addressed is since everyone is making money at these bowl games, perhaps some sort of pay for the athletes needs to happen. It seems only fair. The athletes are the ones risking injury here. If I’m a student athlete, I have to wonder if a possible million dollar job in the NFL is jeopardized in college football. We’ll have to wait and see on this.


Lot’s of catching up to do, but did any of you see this highlight from the Duke game?

During Duke’s 48-34 loss in the Belk Bowl, Duke Punter Will Monday hit an incredible punt from his own 11-yard line that went over the returner’s head, crawled down the sideline about 20 yards and then took a perfect turn at the 2-yard line to avoid going into the end zone. Incredible!


Could Mark Cuban have made the best decision after all?

Remember a few months back when Deron Williams was being courted by every NBA team on the planet and Williams said it had come down to just two teams, the Dallas Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets? And remember how Williams, (the local guy who played at The Colony and had a whole bunch of fans here) visited with the Mavs organization with the exception of Cuban who had a TV show on the Shark Tank and couldn’t be there to visit and entertain Williams? And how Williams later would say that made an impression on him and was one reason he signed with the Nets? That might have been a blessing in disguise, to wit:

Avery Johnson was fired by the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday just 28 games into the season. The team was 14-14 and had gone 3-10 in its last 13 games. Blowout losses in recent games appeared to play a role in the firing, and so did Johnson’s perceived inability to reach his players.

GM Billy King said at his press conference announcing the firing that Johnson wasn’t reaching the team’s players.

“I have a pretty good pulse of players,” King said. “Not just Deron, but all our guys. I just got a sense that, as I told Avery this morning, that for some reason, he just wasn’t reaching them anymore.”

Howard Beck of The New York Times adds more context to King’s comments.

According to Beck, Johnson had “lost several members of the locker room” by the time he was fired. Beck says there was some suspicion about why Deron Williams missed Wednesday’s game with a wrist injury he had managed to play through the entire season. There was additional suspicion about Kris Humphries going on the inactive list with a previously undisclosed abdominal injury. Both players are said to be available for Friday’s game.

Plus, there’s this from Beck:

Although there were no other overt actions, the locker-room discontent was fairly widespread. Several players were unhappy with their playing time, the offense or both.

That could probably be said of the locker room of any team that has gone 3-10, but it’s still noteworthy. Williams was the only one who really complained about Johnson publicly, though it’s quite possible many others felt similarly.

For what it’s worth, a friend of Johnson told Beck that Williams “totally quit on Avery.”

Was Avery Johnson the problem with the Nets, or are they just not very good? I think they’re better than what they’ve shown lately, but I don’t think they’re as good as ownership thinks they are.

Looks like Mark Cuban is a genius after all.

By the way, did any of you know Cuban was in a wrestling match once?



The LewPBlog Year in Review is coming. Stay tuned! jpeg-300x300

By the way, I would like to mention our readership grew very well in 2013. Thanks to all of you readers who come by and visit the blog daily. I know there are plenty of sites to look at and read, so I just can’t thank you enough for giving our blog a little love. This end of the year review is pretty comprehensive, and I think you are going to like it!


I know, I know, it’s Cowboys and Indians time tonight. Pretty big game, one in which I will devote another full post to cover my thoughts on, but I am predicting a Cowboys win!


NS_01rangersT_27632650_555892Josh Hamilton (and Mrs. Hamilton) just can’t stop telling us how good they have it now, and how much Texas disrespected them, and how much signing a new contract is like dating different people and yada, yada, yada.

So Josh Hamilton says this: Josh Hamilton says he never promised Rangers a chance to match, lack of urgency was ‘a mistake on their part’

And then Jon Daniels says this: Rangers made ‘unique’ offer to Josh Hamilton; Angels’ deal was ‘certainly better’.

I’ll be candid when I say there was probably a huge, huge misunderstanding here. But then, I kind of thought and am still thinking about this from Hamilton:

“I understand they thought I was comfortable there and I wouldn’t go anywhere, like they’d be alright and they’d have plenty of time to sign me and it was a mistake on their part,” Hamilton said. “They let us get to the winter meetings, meet with other teams and we did that and as far as my wife and I, we wanted to go out there and give it an honest shot of ‘okay let’s see where the Lord is going to lead us’ and we found out.”

Forgive me for saying so Josh, but you make it sound like the Lord is saying just go for the money, and I don’t believe the Lord is like that. Maybe your wife is, but not the Lord.






Thanks again for reading the blog. Have a great Sunday, stay warm!


Rice 33, Air Force Academy 14 in memorable Armed Forces Bowl


Amon G. Carter Stadium in the campus of TCU (Photo courtesy of Will Martin)

According to the Air Force Academy’s coach, size does matter.

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun expressed disappointment in the Falcons’ offensive performance in Saturday’s 33-14 loss to Rice in the Armed Forces Bowl at Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Air Force managed just 53 yards on 23 plays in the second half when the Falcons (6-7) were outscored 26-0.

The Falcons finished with 12 first downs, their fewest of the season, and managed just 166 rushing yards against Rice (7-6), which entered the game ranked 91st among the nation’s 120 FBS schools in rushing defense.

Air Force was second in rushing offense, averaging 328.8 yards per game on the ground.

“We struggled,” said Calhoun, who tried two quarterbacks (Connor Dietz and Kale Pearson) in effort to jump-start the team’s option attack.

“We have to increase our size [in the offensive line]. Where objects collide, you start going in other directions instead of having a chance for execution. Just the mass difference. We’ve got to come up with a way to change that part.”

Game honorees: 
Rice receiver Jordan Taylor (9 catches, 153 yards, 3 TDs) was selected as the Owls’ most outstanding player.
Air Force linebacker Austin Niklas (game-high 14 tackles, two TFLs) received the honor for the Falcons.


Penalty problems:

In a rare role reversal, Air Force was the most penalized team (5 penalties, 45 yards). Rice had 35 penalty yards. During the regular season, Air Force had the fewest penalties (39) and fewest penalty yards per game (24.7) among FBS schools.

Record setter:

By connecting on two field goals and two extra points, Rice kicker Chris Boswell became the school’s all-time leader in kick scoring with 270 points. Boswell, a junior, is a Keller Fossil Ridge graduate.

Looking ahead:

Based on existing contracts, Navy will make its debut in next season’s Armed Forces Bowl as long as the Midshipmen become bowl-eligible. Bowl officials have signed agreements with Navy to play in the 2013 and 2016 games, with Army slated to play in Fort Worth in 2014 and 2017. Both academies must meet the six-win minimum in each of those seasons.


Episode 230 – Hanging with Mr. Will

460__7626441As you know, Mr. Will is Will Martin, our expert when it comes to podcasting. Will brings a ton of knowledge to us Texas fans of hockey who definitely shares Will’s passion for the game. In addition to that, we here at love the idea of embedding Will thoughts and podcast here for your enjoyment as well. You can always catch Will’s comments at his own blog here.

The story here is, even though the professional hockey league is on strike, the junior league with the Allen Americans are playing on, and playing some great hockey up there. So without further ado, please join me in hearing what Will reports on this particular night last week. Thanks Will! (Photo and podcast courtesy of Will Martin)




Time for the Armed Forces Bowl!

afvrWooooo Hoooooo!

It’s time for the Armed Forces Bowl!

Join me as I set up shop in the press box at TCU’s Amon Carter Stadium with live updates from the game!

I’m looking forward to it!

One side note:

I was just thinking how one Quarterback wins the Heisman Trophy in Texas, and another Quarterback gets sent home from their bowl appearance for a not so nice reason.

Falcon Players Relish Challenge of Academy Life

Owls want to make every possession count against Air Force

At any rate, more later!

Please join me as we pay our respects…..

RIP General Norman Schwarzkopf


RIP Charles Durning, representing my old unit, the 1st Infantry Division




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