Jerry Jones: Tony Romo Played the Best Game He’s Ever Played Versus Steelers


Jerrah is at it again. He just can NOT stop his meddling with the Dallas Cowboys.

Let me ask th question here. What if Jerry said nothing about any players or anything about the team? If they won, he wins. If they lose, he doesn’t look stupid. So why does he put himself in that place to begin with?

Here is his latest statement:

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones praised his quarterback’s performance against Pittsburgh in a recent radio interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas (via

“Romo, in my mind, played the best game that he’s ever played. And that’s saying a lot because he’s played some good games around here. But he had his best game. And he had a real good game against Cincinnati as well. So it is something to be optimistic about if he can continue that against the Saints. Our offensive line is playing better. We’re going to need to play better, but we’re playing better. And that’s given Romo more time. Things were more slow out there for Romo — that’s a positive. You call it slowing down, and he was really able to really put that ball in there on the right receivers.”

Keywords:  “the right receivers.”  All jokes aside, Tony Romo outplayed Ben Roethlisberger last Sunday.  Dallas is going to need plenty more of that from their star QB if they are going to make some noise this postseason.  However, even if Dallas falls short of making the playoffs like last year, I wouldn’t expect any seismic changes in big “D” for the 2013 season.  As you can deduce from Jones’ comments on Romo, both Romo and head coach Jason Garrett are Jerry Jones’ guys, and thanks to this recent 5-1 run it looks like they will stay in that comfortable position.

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