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Jason Garrett happy to make changes

Jason GarrettOn Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that it would be “uncomfortable” around the team in the coming days and weeks as he tries to make changes that will break the team “out of that cycle” of finishing in the middle of the pack.

When you’re talking about making changes to break out of cycles, the head coach is always one of the first places you look so it’s no surprise that Jason Garrett fielded some questions about Jones’ comments on Thursday. It’s even less of a surprise to hear him embrace the idea, presumably in hopes that one of the changes isn’t to his employment status.

“If we think collectively that something can help us in doing something different than we’re doing it now — that’s going to make us a better football team — I’m open to it,” Garrett said on KRLD, via “I’ve made no bones about that from the beginning. I just believe in that from the bottom of my heart.”

Garrett said “anything and everything” is up for discussion, which would include the possibility of adding an offensive coordinator to take play calling duties away from Garrett. Garrett said earlier this week that he didn’t anticipate making a change on that front, although an angry boss can have a way of making you reassess the situation.

There’s change after every season in the NFL, it’s really a question of magnitude. Jones sounded like a man ready to make big changes, but his actions haven’t always meshed with his words in the past. If they do this time, Garrett sounds ready to implement them.

Assuming, of course, he isn’t one of them.

Longtime WBAP Host Dick Siegel Has Died


One half of the legendary “Hal and Dick” team on WBAP has passed away.  Earlier today he suffered a heart attack and died.

Recently Dick had been hosting a morning oldies show on KLDE 104.9FM in Eldorado, TX.

Dick Siegel was Hal Jay’s on-air partner from 1981 until 2003.  While providing traffic information from his helicopter, Dick was part of the popular “Sam From Sales” comedy bits that aired for many years on the station.


I was able to find some old audio through YouTube and it brought back a flood of histerical memories.

Here is the link

Rangers vs. Astros to kick off the 2013 season in prime time


MLB just announced that the 2013 season will kick off on the evening of Sunday, March 31 with the Rangers taking on the Astros in Houston, to be broadcast in prime time on ESPN. It’ll be the first-ever American League game for the Astros. The following day ESPN will broadcast the following openers:

  • 1:00pm – Red Sox @ Yankees (ESPN)
  • 4:00pm – Giants @ Dodgers (ESPN)
  • 7:00pm – Phillies @ Braves (ESPN2)
  • 10:00pm – Cardinals @ Diamondbacks (ESPN2)

As usual, the Red Sox and Yankees are totally getting shafted by not being broadcast in prime time. Man.

The Mavs Super Marion Brothers (video)

The folks at the Dallas Mavericks presentation crew always have great game presentations.

You also have to love Shawn Marion and “That’s what’s up” phrase.

Fake Jerry talks about the last Cowboys game of the season

imagesThis year’s version of the Dallas Cowboys has come to a dramatic end.

Not only will we have to wait another year to see the Dallas Cowboys, we are also going to have to wait another year to hear from Fake Jerry Jones.

The boys from the radio station The Ticket, crack me up with this skit of Fake Jerry.

Here for the final episode of this season is Fake Jerry.

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Rangers close to signing reliever Jason Frasor

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas RangersUPDATE:

It’s now official



From Hardball Talk

Jason Frasor is close to signing a one-year contract with the Rangers, according to Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News.

Frasor has spent his entire nine-year career with the Blue Jays except for a two-month stint in 2011 after they traded him to the White Sox, only to reacquire the 34-year-old right-hander last offseason.

He’s typically been a solid setup man, throwing 522 innings with a 3.77 ERA, including a 4.12 ERA and 53/33 K/BB ratio in 44 innings last season while being paid $3.75 million.

Frasor could replace some of the high-leverage work the Rangers lost when Mike Adams signed with the Phillies.

Lance Berkman has discussed a deal with the Rangers

From Hardball Talk

FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal has the scoop:

Free agent Lance Berkman still has not decided that he will play in 2013. But he is talking about a possible return with multiple clubs, including the Texas Rangers, major-league sources say.

Berkman — a native of Waco, Texas — considered signing with the Rangers before the 2011 season but instead joined the Cardinals and went on to win his first World Series ring. He re-signed with St. Louis for the 2012 season but appeared in only 23 games because of knee and calf issues.

The 36-year-old could serve as the Rangers’ primary designated hitter this summer — a role manned last year by Michael Young. Berkman has undergone multiple recent knee procedures but is claiming to be healthy.

The Astros are also known to have interest, but “Big Puma” probably prefers to join a contender.

Jerry Jones, the author of confusion and misdirection

imagesCAFHLJTBSo you remember how Jerry went on his rant yesterday about changes coming to Valley Ranch?

It seems now like there are some different opinions on whether or not Jason Garrett and the rest of the coaching staff will be back or not.

From Wednesday’s rant on The Fan, ESPN has a different take on what Jerry is saying and what it means:

“I’m going to spend a lot of time visiting with people outside of the organization that I have a lot of confidence in that will help us evaluate how to do the things that I know what our fans want to do, and that’s not be sitting here at .500,” Jones said. “There are a lot of teams that haven’t been at .500, but nobody hasn’t been at .500 and spent as much cash as I’m spending.”

Jones’ circle of trust includes former coaches and personnel people in the NFL that he turns to at different times of a season as sounding boards. It’s good to have sounding boards, but they shouldn’t be more influential than the people inside the building.

Why doesn’t Jones listen to the people who are inside the building more?

They have followed this team more closely than anybody else outside the building. They have followed the college talent more closely than anybody outside the building.

So I guess what Jerry is saying is he doesn’t trust anything anyone says in his own organization. Nice.

What gets me though, is this one sentence: “There are a lot of teams that haven’t been at .500, but nobody hasn’t been at .500 and spent as much cash as I’m spending.”

Wait a second, back the truck up here Jerry. Are you insinuating that you think the more you spend means you should have more success? Is that what you are saying Mr. Steinbrenner? You mean you are actually going to try and tell us blue collar fans that spending outrageous money on beer and tickets at your art gallery you call Cowboys Stadium, that that will guarantee us a victory if we spend it? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Jerry, are you trying to identify with us fans??? Hahahahahahahaha…get outta town Jerry. You are killing me here.

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Jerry, everyone knows TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS, YOU HAVE TO WORK!!!!!

You can’t buy a trophy, you have to earn it!!!!!!

Please Jerry, I’m calling on you to please sell this team, and move back to Arkansas.


Johnny Manziel’s Road to the Heisman

An excellent magazine on Johnny Manziel and his path to the Heisman Trophy

Interesting facts about internships

internships infographic 2012 Infographic: Internships Survey and 2013 Internship Trends
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