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By an overwhelming margin, the best post on this blog for 2012 was Portrait of a Warrior.

Part of the dedication that causes us to maintain this blog, and treat it as a labor of love, are stories like these.

The bottom line for us here is to bring you readers something that will want you to come back. Thanks so much for reading the blog.

Thanks to our Warriors that gives us the freedoms to express our views.


The NHL Lockout Is Tentatively Over!


The NHL and NHLPA finally FINALLY have a tentative deal in place that should end the almost-four-month lockout that has deprived hockey fans of anything to do this fall.

Don’t get too excited just yet, though; the deal must still reach majority approval from the board of governors and NHLPA membership before it can become official. This can happen as early as this Tuesday, though, so feel free to get at least a little excited.

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Lance Berkman: ‘Happy to be A Ranger’

imagesCANXF2E5Free-agent designated hitter Lance Berkman, whom sources said Saturday agreed to terms on a one-year deal pending a physical, wants Texas Rangers fans to know that he was wrong about his assessment of the club a few years ago and plans to win them over with his play.

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That first step

That first step.

If you are a parent, or grandparent, aunt, uncle et al, you know the importance of a baby’s first step.

That first step turns into many steps in life. From running to the ice cream truck in the dead of summer, to walking across the stage to get that diploma.

Success in life comes in steps.

Congrats to a very special baby today. She took her first steps!

Congrats Autumn!!!!!! We love you!!!!!

Jared Allen will have first surgery of his football career

jaredallenFrom Pro Football Talk:

When he was five, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen had his tonsils removed.  Since then, he has undergone zero surgical procedures, despite a lifetime of playing football.

That’ll change, eventually.  Now that Minnesota’s season has ended with a one-and-done playoff appearance, Allen will have surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder.

It’s not good,” Allen said after last night’s game, via Judd Zulgad of  “My inside game wasn’t as good as I would have liked for it to have been just because I really didn’t have as much power in my hump. . . .  But you fight through it and you’re never fully healthy.  I’ll get it cleaned up.”

He plans to delay the surgery until after an upcoming trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.  Some may wonder whether Allen should risk aggravating the condition.  But given the level of intensity displayed during the game, he’d probably be putting the thing at greater risk by trying to kill a horsefly with a rolled-up newspaper.

FROM LEWP: Not sure why the Jared Allen, (Culinary school) is so popular, but I got like 2000 hits on that story yesterday, so I thought i would also put this story here today. I didn’t know the guy was this popular.

For all Moms everywhere

As you may or may not know, I have been exposed these last few months with a grand-baby type of individual. She is a sweetie and just tugs at my heart. She’s about to be 11 months old on the 28th, and I saw this video and made me appreciate what all Moms have to go through for that little bundle of joy. Not sports related, but who cares?

My brush with greatness today

lSo I went in to the Best Buy store on 183 in Irving to do some shopping. I’m standing in line to talk to the Geek Squad, and I wait, and I wait.

So in comes this guy with a computer under his arm, (a Dell Desktop tower), and we start shooting the breeze about different things. The guy was a little younger than me, but not by much. Not sure how we got on the subject of the state of Oregon, but I told him my dream was to get an RV and park it somewhere on the Oregon coast and retire. He says, “Nah man, you want to go in the mountains, go up to Bend Oregon.” I said, “that’s a nice place huh?’ He goes “yeah it’s about in the middle of the state. Great fishing, trout and salmon.” Well, that’s all I needed to start daydreaming while the wait in line didn’t bother me now.

To keep from acting like a complete zombie, I woke up from my dream and stuck out my hand and introduced myself. “Howdy, I’m Lew Patton.” And he shook my hand, and introduced himself as Scotty Wray. So I said, if you lived up in Oregon, how did you move to this desert in the summers, attempting to crack a joke about Texas, he said he plays a guitar and this is where his guitar playing brought him. So the next obvious question was, “are you in a group or something?” “Yeah”, he says, ” I play in Miranda Lambert’s band.”

By that time the clerk was finished with the customer in front of me, and it was my turn to walk to the counter. “Nice meeting you Scotty, and I’m gonna remember that Bend, Oregon.”

His nodded and said, “you won’t regret going there”, smiled and waved.

Funny how conversations go. I was more interested in the bear and salmon, than Miranda Lambert.

UPDATE::::::::::::::4:51 PM

So, not really being familiar with Miranda Lambert, I came home and checked out this Scotty Wray guy, just to see how legit he was/is. I found this on Miranda Lamberts website:

She writes about one of her songs:

Easy Living

(Miranda Lambert/Scotty Wray)

“My guitar player, Scotty Wray, has been with me for 11 years, and we wrote a song together on Kerosene called “I Wanna Die”, but we haven’t written since then. When he came to me with this idea saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got this old-school Merle Haggard-sounding lick’, I immediately loved it! I don’t have a song in that vein yet; it’s kind of old-school blues. Last year I also had gotten really into Muddy Waters and his sound. I wanted this song to feel like you were sitting on a porch, and some old man is smoking a cigar and playing a Dobro. The lyrics kind of remind me of what normal life couples go through when they are at home. They might fight but end up sitting on the front porch having a cocktail and watching the sunset. To me, that’s what this song is about. It just has that attitude of: Hey, life doesn’tsuck.”

Is Mike Holmgren trying to get a job with the Cowboys?

Mike Holmgren

Agent Bob LaMonte has been a busy man in recent weeks.  And for good reason.  With plenty of coaching and executive clients who want to find jobs or upgrade those they have, LaMonte is spinning plenty of plates, while periodically focusing closely on one or two of them.

Much of his time last week was spent finding a new job for Andy Reid.  Ultimately, it worked, with a five-year deal that surely pays the former Eagles coach handsomely to run the show in Kansas City.

Next up, apparently, is the Big Show.  Otherwise known as Mike Holmgren, for coach of the Packers and Seahawks and most recently the surrogate owner of the Browns.  LaMonte methodically and consistently has been planting stories about Holmgren’s potential interest in coaching again, starting with the notion that Holmgren would be interested in coaching the Cowboys.

In fact, at one point Ed Werder of ESPN reported that Holmgren would return to coaching only with the Cowboys.

Since then, Holmgren has broadened his focus, saying that if anyone is interested, he’ll listen.

The Chargers, according to CBS, are now interested.  On the surface it makes plenty of sense in light of the fact that former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf, who hired Holmgren in Green Bay, is advising the Chargers in their search for a coach and a G.M.  But on closer inspection, it doesn’t make much sense at all.  Holmgren won’t come cheap; for what it would take to land him, the Chargers could have made a pre-emptive play for Reid.

Moreover, we can’t get out of our heads Werder’s report that, for Holmgren, it would be the Cowboys and only the Cowboys.  And so this idea that the Chargers are interested in Holmgren very well could be the equivalent of the report that the Cardinals were 95-percent sure to hire Reid, with the goal of flushing a bigger blue-starred bird out of the bushes.

Drunk (or at least crazy) A&M, Johnny Football fans barge in on live news broadcast in front of Cowboys Stadium

Did you have a good Friday night, Aggies? It’s been a good season for us hasn’t it?. A Heisman, a convincing Cotton Bowl win, Putting all the naysayers about the Aggies and the SEC to bed.

Whatever the case, these two girls were obviously enjoying life in front of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. They were enjoying life so much in fact that they had no qualms about forcing their way onto a live broadcast and staying to heap praises on their quarterback. Sorry, ladies. He’s taken.

Major props to the reporter on camera, who managed to roll with what was going on around him and make this an even better clip as a result.

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