DateJanuary 14, 2013

A.J. Pierzynski excited to work with Yu Darvish


Texas Rangers catcher A.J. Pierzynski didn’t face Yu Darvish last season. But his Chicago White Sox teammates that did had plenty to say about about Darvish.

“Guys were coming back saying, ‘This guy has really good stuff,'” said Pierzynski during the Texas Rangers Fan Fest over the weekend. “That’s something as a player when you hear guys say that, that’s something you’re very interested to hear.”

Pierzynski said he’ll work to get used to a new pitching staff in spring training, learning their tendencies and repertoire. But from what he’s seen from outside the organization, he’s impressed with the staff. That includes Darvish.

“Obviously, the numbers speak for themselves,” Pierzynski said. “Everything he did, from the beginning of the season to the end, obviously there was an adjustment period. But he looked like he could throw four, five pitches for strikes at any time. He looked like he could do anything you asked him to do.

“I look forward to being on his side and trying to get the most out of him and helping him improve and continue to get better.”

Rules changes for next year include coaches, managers being able to bring interpreters to the mound

Jayson Stark reports on several potential rules changes that spun out of last week’s owners meetings. The most notable: coaches and managers will be able to bring an interpreter to the mound for meetings with players who don’t speak fluent English.

No word if Phillies pitchers will get their own English-to-1940s grifter interpreter for when Charlie Manuel comes out for pitching changes.  ”I don’t even know what ‘what’s the rumpus’ means,” said Cole Hamels, explaining his support for the rule.

Other proposed changes:

  • Teams will be permitted to have a seventh coach in uniform; the previous limit was six; and
  • The fake-to-third, throw-to-first pickoff move would now be considered a balk.

The first one is because so many teams are hiring assistant hitting coaches.  The second rule must be aimed at bloggers and color commentators, who will now no longer be able to say “that move rarely works, so I don’t know why they do it.”

The proposed changes have to now be approved by the union before being implemented.


The Rangers, Padres and Pirates are interested in Shaun Marcum

From Jon Paul Morosi:


Many teams may want Marcum, but there can be only one. It’s like Highlander. But instead of giving out decapitations and benefiting from the quickening, the winner gets a serviceable starter with some question marks with his elbow.

So almost the same thing, basically.

Teams feel like Roy Oswalt “doesn’t want it bad enough”

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe hears that Roy Oswalt “may still want to pitch, but, again, on his terms and perhaps for only a half a season.” He adds:

“… many teams have given up trying to persuade him to pitch, feeling the vibe is that he just doesn’t want it bad enough.”

Sounds about right.  In addition to not pitching very well last season — Oswalt posted a 5.80 ERA over 59 innings for the Rangers — he was not at all happy when Ron Washington moved him to the bullpen.

One can never know what truly lurks in the hearts of men, but there seems to lack a sense of self-awareness in Oswalt.  Dude must think he’s still some ace-for-hire as opposed to, well, what he is.

Seeing returning service members come home never gets old

I don’t know about you, but it never gets old to see American soldiers come home from their overseas deployment.

Have a look.

Boy, the dust in this room is making my allergies go crazy!

The Morning Report – Monday, 1/14/13

Father Time, as we know, eventually knocks out every athlete. While Dirk might be on the ropes, perhaps we can even say he took a standing eight count, we won’t know for sure whether he can return to being an elite player until he has a full offseason and training camp to get his knee and his body as close to 100 percent as they’re going to get.

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Dear World: Casey Pachall has paid his dues, now let’s give him a chance


Here is a great story in the making, for more reasons than just football.

Former TCU quarterback Casey Pachall is back on campus and will begin classes today, according to his father, Stan, and coach Gary Patterson.

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