Oklahoma State fan dad allegedly beat son for liking University of Oklahoma

mendezLeast surprising news of the decade: when reporters knocked on the door of his home for comment on this story, the dad did not answer.

It happened in Perkins, Okla. (near Stillwater), where 41-year-old Gannon Mendez allegedly beat his 9-year-old son with a wooden paddle because the boy had told a classmate he likes the University of Oklahoma rather than Oklahoma State. Gannon Mendez is an OSU fan who was once under investigation for allegedly providing money and other benefits to OSU football players. As a result, Cowboys players are now banned from having any contact with him.

But there is more to this story than the paddle.

KFOR-TV, Oklahoma City:

Prosecutors also claim that Mendez would repeatedly take the boy to a football field and make him run until he puked.

An affidavit details in addition to being routinely spanked with a paddle, the suspect chopped up soap and pushed it into the victim’s mouth.

The victim also reported Mendez squeezes his nose until it bleeds, tells him he will end up in hell and would wake him up every 30 minutes through the night to do push ups.

“It’s infuriating to me to see an adult harm a child like that,” said neighbor John Hopper.

Sometimes I allegedly wish I could just take certain people down to the local paintball facility and use them for target practice. Allegedly.

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