Ohhhhhhhhh, so close to perfection!



What an amazing game Ranger pitcher Yu Darvish pitched last night. 8 2/3 innings of perfect pitching. No hits, no runs, no errors. This was Darvish’s first outing of the season. What a performance. I just didn’t expect a pitcher to throw that many pitches in the first game of the season, but there he was. Not only was he doing it, he was perfect doing it.

And then the 27th batter came up, and hit a grounder through the legs of Darvish. And it wasn’t perfect any longer. And Darvish and the Rangers again missed the Brass Ring by 1. It was like losing the World Series by one pitch, a stomach pitch.

All I can say is Yu pitched a beautiful game. A Masterpiece. His (and ours) day will surely come.


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