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Two North Texas men have won ownership of the “Play Hard Pray Harder” phrase  in a legal battle against former Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton.

Tyler Mileger began using the slogan “Play Hard Pray Harder” several  years  ago playing college golf. He  joined up with Josh Eckel to start a  Dallas-based Christian inspired sports  clothing line that gives back by  paying it forward.

They went all in, spending thousands to print  clothes with the phrase.

Six months later they learned that Josh  Hamilton, a five time MLB All-Star,  was also using the phrase and  trade marking it  under the company name ScriptureArt.

Mileger and  Eckel got a lawyer and filed suit and after legal wrangling over  who  used the phrase when and how much.

Hamilton’s lawyers said the slugger had used the phrase in clothing and when  promoting other items, like a book he wrote.

The suit came down to who sold over  state lines first and Hamilton’s side  eventually decided to settle with Mileger and Eckel.

The two now retain control of the phrase and paperwork to get rid of the suit  in the courts has been filed.