Army to play in Armed Forces Bowl

Army has accepted a bid to compete in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl on Dec. 30 at SMU‘s Ford Stadium. SMU could turn out to be Army’s opponent.

The Mustangs play Saturday at Central Florida in the Conference USA Championship. If they win, they’ll likely be headed to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis on Dec. 31st. If they lose, staying home for a bowl could be a very real option. The bowl is being held at Ford Stadium while TCU’s Amon Carter Stadium undergoes renovations.

The Black Knights haven’t played in a bowl since 1996.

Organizers report that the bowl is officially a sellout – though that includes ticket allotments that each competing team will be responsible for selling.

Leslie Nielsen, onward to another plane

Leslie Nielson, an actor who truly made me laugh, passed on to another type of plane over this past weekend. He died of pneumonia. He was 84.

I know he made several movies and was a successful comedian, but my all-time favorite movie with Nielsen was Shirley!


WK 11 Can’t-Miss Play: Yes We McCann!

WK 11 Can’t-Miss Play: Yes We McCann!.

The Cowboys have won two in a row! We should have gotten Garrett to coach this team sooner!

And we’re walking, and we’re walking

Sometimes there are things to write, and sometimes there are things to write but I just can’t write. Right?

As I try to get my fingers used to the keyboard again, lots of things have happened. The Texas Rangers made it to the World Series and put up a valiant effort but lost.  The Cowboys fire another coach. Veteran’s Day has come and gone, and we are now looking right at plans for Thanksgiving. Wow, where does the time go?  Of course moving and going to school took up a large part of that gap.

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Arlington Martin High School Rocks!

Martin’s video was conceived and produced by the staff and advisers of The Warrior Post, the student newspaper. They believe that the final product will set two records: the largest cast for a school lip dub and the first schoolwide lip dub by a Texas high school. The organizers even approached Guinness World Records for some recognition, but they were told that it would cost money for research and judging, photography teacher Dan Regalado said. “We wanted to take the free way,” said Regalado, whose wife, Tricia, is the journalism teacher. “But they said, ‘Oh, you could try out for the largest air guitar.'” Martin’s video, set to Everybody Needs Somebody to Love by the Blues Brothers and Think by Aretha Franklin, starts in a bus in front of the school’s main entrance. The first of several “singers” guides the viewer off the bus and through a double line of students cheering and tossing paper airplanes. Murray and the camera weave through hallways and classrooms, passing activities such as chemistry students lighting fires in their hands, biology students pigging out in a pie-eating contest and a student body-surfing on a crowd.

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The Unchartered Waters for the AL Champion Texas Rangers

Wow, how about that Colby Lewis and the rest of the Texas Rangers pulled it off. They beat the New York Yankees and have propelled themselves into the World Series! Beating the Yankees was like beating the bully that used to take your lunch money at school. Before this year, the Yankees simply owned the Rangers, like many other teams in Major League Baseball. The Yankees, with their 40+ American League Pennants came to town to bash the Rangers again, except this time, the shoe was on the other foot. As they say in the hood, “we had something for them” in this series.

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Hey Jerry, I think YOU are the problem!

No one wants to read about how bad their team is, but you just can’t help it right? I hate writing about a losing team, especially since it’s been my team for 50 years now.

Why are the Cowboys 1-4 after the game today in Minnesota? Because we don’t have effective coaching. Why don’t we have effective coaching? Because Jerry Jones wants to be the man. He wants to be the Alpha Male. He’s willing to gamble that if his team makes it to the Super Bowl, in some sick sort of way, he can stand on the podium and claim responsibility. Since that isn’t going to happen given the poor record so far this year, then he should take the blame right?

Everyone in North America knows Jerry only hires people he can train as puppets. If they won’t be a Jerry puppet, they go elsewhere. (See Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson).

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Wade Phillips: Not Going To Quit

Wade Phillips: Not Going To Quit.

Again, just an amazing video and how Wade Phillips explains how and why the Dallas Cowboys lose week after week.

I absolutely hate when he says, “we’re gonna work on these things and get better.” I hate how he thinks he has the answers when in fact, he doesn’t. It just sounds like he is just trying to get the media and fans off his back.

Jerry Jones charged with sexual assault in suit

Remember when the Dallas Cowboys were owned by an owner that you never saw?  When the Cowboys were coached by a God fearing man who was a devout Christian? Remember when the Cowboys went to the playoffs every year it seems?

The Dallas Cowboys are now owned by one Jerry Jones, and he is being sued for sexual assault.

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Camping and Technology

I’m always amazed at the little things..well, they may seem little to everyone else, but to me, it’s huge. I can’t get over being camped out in the woods and still be able to reach the internets.  It’s the perfect time of year to cmp out, and i don’t have to miss a thing on the internet…I wonder what Davey Crockett would appreciate this?

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