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There is something eerie about the new Laredo Lemurs already

When it’s cold outside like it is today, I always revert to thinking about warm weather and warm weather activities like baseball.

As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the local team, the Independent league Champion Grand Prairie AirHogs.

There is a new team in the league named the Laredo Lemurs which is good for the league considering the Lemurs are supposedly cast-offs from the Shreveport Captains that disbanded their team last year for unknown (money) reasons.

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A few minutes with Jeff Carman

Jeff Carman is a good friend who works as the man in charge of Tickets at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie, home of the World Champion Grand Prairie AirHogs.  Hear what he has to say about the upcoming baseball season.



Bell: Cats will be back in 2012

From Ballpark Digest

Despite a move by the American Association to remove the Fort Worth Cats from its 2012 lineup, owner Carl Bell says he’s selling the team to new owners, who would field a team next season.

Earlier this week the American Association pulled the team’s membership after Bell failed to provide a $200,000 letter of credit, a league requirement at the start of every season. Nothing firm in terms of these new owners has been announced, and you must presume Miles Wolff and crew weren’t sufficiently optimistic about any sale of the team before yanking the team’s league privileges.

In an interview with a local TV station, Bell said he was working on a sale of the team and also wants to see the Fort Worth Sports Authority buy historic LaGrave Field, which has been an economic liability for Bell in recent years.

No schedule yet for the American Association, as there are some challenges. Word in league circles is that the Shreveport-Bossier Captains are ceasing operations as well; the team is still listed as one of 13 active franchises on the league website, but that list doesn’t include Laredo, and there’s no mention of a 2012 season on the Captains website. (Then again, the Laredo Lemurs site doesn’t mention the American Association, either.)

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A round-up of some of my best YouTube videos

So it’s Sunday morning, the time has changed back to standard time, I’m sitting here in front of my computer and I just realized, I have never written or done an overview of my YouTube channel and I think that needs to be done. Not to brag you understand, but I’ve had the opportunity to put some pretty neat things together, especially from last year’s Super Bowl here in Dallas. So, let’s take a look:


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A High School Soccer Team’s Season Almost Ended Because They Did A Funny Dance

From Sports Grid

In 1993′s seminal Weekend at Bernie’s II, the titular character of Bernie (who is, of course, dead) . The soccer team at Perry Hall High School in Maryland took notice, and after a recent win, the team performed the dance, as seen above.

However, it turned out the dance didn’t sit well with the parents of the team Perry Hall beat…or the higher-ups at Perry Hall itself. So the school made an extreme decision – it barred its own soccer team from competing for the remainder of the season. A season, mind you, that contained yet-unplayed playoff games.

Backlash was strong, and wholly understandable. Students protested. Parents proclaimed the uproar over the dance was based on a misunderstanding (apparently some of the initial backlash was because the dance was supposedly “sexually suggestive” – i.e. crotch-grabbing – but one parent said that didn’t happen, nor was any bad language used). Moreover, they said the dance was actually common throughout the year. Stephen Douglas at The Big Lead called the season cancellation “disgusting.” The school’s decision struck us as grossly unfair not just to Perry Hall’s own team, but the team(s) they would have played, who were robbed of honest playoff competition.

Thankfully, though, cooler heads prevailed, and Perry Hall will get to play out its season after all. They have a regional semifinal playoff game against Blake High School tomorrow at 2 p.m. Some measure of credit goes to Perry Hall principal George Roberts for ultimately making the right call, but it never should have even gotten this far. Look at that photo above – to us, just looks like some kids acting goofy. If that’s all it was – and really, even if not – canceling a season goes way too far. Let’s hope the kids did a Bernie’s dance when they got the news they could play again.

My Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball team won a championship with this dance:

The dog days of summer are here. Go AirHogs!

You know it’s the dog days of summer when you are in the middle of the 2nd hottest summer on record. That’s what we have here in north Texas, but the Grand Prairie AirHogs continue to play baseball, continue to win, and continue to lead their division going in to August.

Let me just say that most of the seats at QuikTrip Park are in the shade at game time, so if you are hesitant to watch some great baseball because of the heat, don’t worry, you will be setting in the shade. And don’t forget, there are lots of ice-cold beverages at the park.

Friday was a great example of how much fun watching the AirHogs is.

The team had just come home from an extended road trip and many of the players and coaches said they were glad to get home finally.

The home cooking must have really agreed with 2nd baseman, David Espinosa, as he had 2 homeruns in this game.

David Espinosa

The AirHogs won Friday night against the Lincoln Saltdogs 11-4. The AirHogs had a great game but the Saltdog coach Marty Scott was thrown out in the 2nd inning on a disputed call by the home plate umpire when AirHog catcher McMurray tagged out a SaltDog runner coming home.

SaltDog Manager Marty Scott should be suspended by the league

Scott acted like a huge cry baby and I understand a coach arguing a call with umpires. What I thought was very unprofessional by Scott was he had a picture of part of the play (which I thought was taken out of context), and put on a T-shirt and was bragging to fans in the stands on the third base side on Saturday night how he had proof the umpire missed the call. Scott actually unbuttoned his jersey shirt to reveal the t-shirt with the picture on it as he met the umpires at home plate to turn his line-up card for Saturday night’s game. Very unprofessional, and if I were the league president, I’d suspend Coach Scott for his unprofessional behavior. The umpires didn’t get excited, they just gave him another game off. Scott left home plate, was walking past the third base dugout and did take his hat off for the National Anthem.

Be that as it may, the AirHogs won the game, and had another terrific performance by Josh Rainwater and the AirHogs.


Last night (Saturday) I took a friend of mine from Waxahachie, (Dave Liby) to the game, and he is now hooked on the AirHogs. Dave was amazed at how great QuikTrip park is, and was impressed he got to meet Greg Porter and wife Morgan and baby Dash. Dave and Greg talked about Greg’s stay in Iowa playing for the Cedar Rapids team and them going to Burlington to play the Burlington Bees and seeing Dancing Bobby.

Dave was all excited about remembering Dancing Bobby from that park and he sent this video of him.

What’s up with the Dallas Morning News? Really


OK, so you know how there is this imaginary battle line drawn in the sand (concrete and pavement) between Tarrant and Dallas County? In fact, there have been wars waged between the 2 counties enough that DFW Airport straddles the line?

And the Fort Worth Star Telegram publishes stories about the Fort Worth Cats of the Independent League? The Star Telegram does a great job of telling the folks of Tarrant County and beyond about what’s going on with the team.

The Grand Prairie AirHogs are in the same league as the Cats, but do you think the paper that charges customers to read their paper follows the AirHogs??? Nope. I know, it makes no sense does it?

So I have tried to contact the Dallas Morning News and offered to write daily updates about the AirHogs,  FOR FREE, and have gotten zero responses. So, rather than cry over spilt milk, let’s see what is important today at the Morning News that they can’t publish a little local sports.

Here are the Top Stories with links.

Live British Open (stats) Yawn

Jon Daniels on the trade deadline: Nothing will catch us by surprise  This was just a transcript report when Daniels did an interview on the radio.

Photos: Get to know your favorite Rangers and their superhero alter egos Are you kidding me? Alter Egos?

Wait, maybe the Dallas Morning News is just covering other stories and can’t really cover all of sports in Dallas County? Maybe they have so many reporters on the John Wiley Price story, or the Desoto ISD Prez making 180K per year that they just don’t have the time or personnel to cover the little ol AirHogs of Grand Prairie.

At any rate, there is some great baseball being played in Grand Prairie. They have had the San Diego Chicken there this year, they lead the league (yes the same league as the Fort Worth Cats), and there is shade at the ballpark to watch it comfortably. Maybe the Dallas Morning News will have the courage to visit QuikTrip Park one day.

Your AirHogs update 7-13-2011 (Dog at the Park edition)

It was bring your dog to the park night at QuikTrip Park last night, as the Grand Prairie AirHogs beat the Fort Worth Cats 11-4 for the series win. Josh Rainwater pitched a complete game for the win.

It was not easy early for Grand Prairie, though, as the Cats (25-31) took the lead on Kelley Gulledge’s three-run home run in the third inning. The homer was not without controversy, though. After Rainwater walked number nine hitter Cory Morales to start the inning in a scoreless game, Aljay Davis tried to bunt him to second. The bunt rolled in front of the plate, and catcher Chris McMurray tried to throw to second to get Morales, but the throw was too late and runners were at first and second.

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AirHogs at the YMCA 7/12/2011(Updated w/video)

I was able to take some video of the AirHogs at the YMCA today.

Some of the kids have “challenges” and I did get permission to film them as well. The reason I set this up like I did is to show how important it was for the kids to have fun with the players there today. Huge props to the AirHogs who took time out to be with the kids today.

David Espinosa, David Nathanson, Josh Rainwater, and last but certainly not least, Cesar Nicols who played Ace Bacon. Thanks guys. You made lots of kids laugh today!


I had a chance to tag along today and watch some AirHogs players do a good thing and sign autographs and play with the kids at the YMCA in Grand Prairie. Good job guys!

It meant a lot to the kids, and they had a blast too.

AirHogs 7-11-11

The Grand Prairie AirHogs came home from a desolate and dusty Amarillo in the wee hours of the morning today, got a little rest, and then took on the Ft. Worth Cats this evening at QuikTrip Park. It didn’t work out too well for the good guys, losing to the Cats 14-1.

Those kinds of games happen sometimes.

It’s still amazing to me how we have a league-leading team here in Grand Prairie, we’ve had three players move up to Triple A, which is almost the major leagues, there are great promotions at the park, and everything is cheap, and hardly anyone goes to it.


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