Dez Bryant in trouble again

Dez Bryant is in trouble again.

According to Fox 4 News,

Dallas Cowboys wide received Dez Bryant could be in trouble again after he  was allegedly involved in a fight at a Miami Beach night club.

According to his Twitter page, the football player was at Club LIV inside the  Fontainbleau Hotel on Sunday night.

Mentor David Wells confirmed a fight broke out and that Bryant was involved,  but claims he was not arrested. The Miami Beach Police Department also has no  record of Bryant.

Wells said he spoke to him on Monday and he is doing well.

“Dez is a good guy. Sometimes he gets into situations where people don’t  understand, but he’s a good guy, a good kid,” Wells said. “I think he’s one the  right track. It’s just a matter of putting the right things together, the right  people together and he’s going to be okay.”

The Cowboys have not commented about Bryant’s latest problem off the  field.

You have to wonder when Dez is going to find a way to stay out of trouble and sort of grow up.


Dez Bryant Involved in Miami Beach Fight (Fox4News)

Packers, Saints Killed by Turnover Binge

From Larry Brown Sports

The turnover battle is an underrated aspect of football games, but those who watched the Divisional Round of the playoffs saw its importance. The Packers and Saints, two teams expected to advance to the NFC Championship Game, were killed by turnovers and ended up losing their games. In the AFC playoffs, the Texans got crushed on the turnover front and also lost.

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Ray Lewis And Arian Foster Make Like It’s The Other Football, Swap Jerseys

From SportsGrid

Over the course of an NFL game, some bad blood is bound to surface, thanks in large part to the game’s physical nature. Today’s Ravens-Texans playoff game was no exception. But amid all that physicality and sometimes downright antipathy, bonds are formed. One such bond exists between the Ravens’ Ray Lewis and Texans’ Arian Foster. And so after Lewis’ side was finished vanquishing Foster’s earlier today, we had this:

Such jersey swaps, of course, usually happen in that other football, and the fact that they’re as rare as they are in American football makes it all the cooler that Lewis and Foster did this. That, plus the fact that Lewis and Foster are two elite players, the types you can really see respecting one another enough as competitors that they’d do a thing like this. Jersey-swapping in soccer alwaus weirded us out a little bit, but that might have had something to do with everyone doing it. Thinking of it as an activity of the greats of the game, a status you earn by proving you’re one of the best of the best, a sign of respect from star to star – that’s a tradition we can get behind.

Source: Jon Kitna set to retire

Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Jon Kitna has informed the team he will retire, according to a source.

Kitna, 39, was placed on injured reserve Dec. 14 with a back injury suffered during training camp.

Kitna, who couldn’t be reached for comment, played in three games during the 2011 season. In his last action, he took a knee to cap the Cowboys’ 44-7 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Nov. 13.

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The heavens indicate a Texans win on Sunday

From Off the Bench

We told you earlier this week of the halo cloud that formed over Mile High Stadium during the Broncos’ win over the Steelers. But why can’t God be a fan of more than one team? Houston based @MDRMissy tweets this photo she took in the skies of Houston today, proof positive that one should probably take the Texans and the points on Sunday vs. the Ravens.

*** Cloud Pattern Proof That God Wants Texans To Beat Ravens? [Busted Coverage]


Robert Griffin III rocked the Barney socks for NFL draft announcement

Robert Griffin III is the Imelda Marcos of socks. During today’s press conference in Waco, Baylor’s Heisman Trophy winner revealed that he’s skipping his senior year to enter the NFL draft … and he also revealed these socks. I find them just as annoying as the real Barney, but others seem to like them, so fine.

I preferred his Superman socks, but then I like any item of underwear that comes with a cape.


Sources: Dave Campo won’t return

According to ESPN, Cowboys Secondary Coach Dave Campo won’t be asked back to coach for the Cowboys.

Campo has been on the Cowboys’ staff for 18 of his 23 years in the NFL, including serving as the head coach during three 5-11 seasons from 2000-02. He was an original member of Jimmy Johnson’s coaching staff in 1989 and earned three Super Bowl rings with the Cowboys in the 1990s. He returned to Dallas in 2008 after stints as an assistant coach for the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Campo declined to comment when contacted Monday.

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Jason Pierre-Paul Guarantees Win over Packers

From Larry Brown Sports

The Giants are feeling pretty good after winning their third straight game Sunday — a 24-2 drubbing of the Falcons.  Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who had 16.5 sacks in the regular season, made 8 tackles against the Falcons, and an even stronger statement after the game.

“We’re going to win [against the Packers],” he said, according to Giants reporter Mike Garafolo. “A hundred percent we’re going to win. … Because we’re the best.”

Newsday’s Bob Glauber tweeted a similar statement from Pierre-Paul. “We’re going to go out there & give all our effort, and we’re going to walk away with the win.”

The Giants have beaten the Jets, Cowboys, and Falcons since dropping a home game to the Reskins in Week 15. They’re obviously feeling pretty confident, but putting the Packers on notice is about the last thing they should be doing. Sure they won the NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field in the 2007 season, but this is a different Green Bay squad. Maybe the Giants should save their talking until after their win.

Say goodnight to the 2011 edition of the Dallas Cowboys

So there ya have it Cowboys fans…

The Cowboys had another “must win” scenario, and the end of the season, and blew it. Again.

The game is in the 4th Quarter and that guy Cruz caught another long pass for the Giants and that should just about do it for this year’s  version of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Report: Robert Griffin III Is Going Pro

From SportsGrid

The 2012 NFL Draft won’t have Matt Barkley, but those teams who need a quarterback and don’t find themselves with Andrew Luck on draft day will apparently have another pretty damn good one to pursue. This report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen cited “sources” as saying Griffin will enter the draft, but also included quotes from Griffin’s father that made it sound like a done deal:

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