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Ron Rivera agrees being underdog at Dallas ‘is a little disrespectful’

The Carolina Panthers are 10-0 and somehow they were listed as underdogs on the point spread for their Thursday game against the 3-7 Dallas Cowboys.

During his Monday news conference, a media member asked Panthers head coach Ron Rivera if being an underdog at Dallas felt disrespectful. He agreed.

“We’ll just take it in stride,” Rivera said via the Charlotte Observer. “As I said we’ll play them one at a time, and as far as we’re concerned everybody’s 0-0 and we’ll see how it comes out.

“It is a little disrespectful but apparently they know something we don’t. We’re just going to prepare and get ourselves ready to play on Thursday.”

The Cowboys are finally healthy now that they have Tony Romo back, to go along with Dez Bryant and Greg Hardy — key players who have all missed time this season. When they’re at full strength, the Cowboys are a playoff team, which partially explains why they were favored.

Now the Panthers are getting an extra source of motivation for the game, which is something the Cowboys did not need.


If People Who Sell Stuff Were Honest About Black Friday – Honest Ads

Cracked imagines a wonderful world where retail stores were actually honest about “Black Friday”.

Black Friday: The day invented by people who sell things to lure the people who buy things away from their families on one of the only nationally recognized holiday weekends on the calendar.

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