Take the PIG Personality Test

We did this at work today. Pretty cool actuality.

Would you like to know more about your personality?

Are you open to learning more about several important elements of your personality preferences? Then here are the simple instructions.

1 – Take out a blank piece of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

2 – Now draw a pig.

Those are the instructions for the PIG Personality Test.

Draw a pig.

The pig is of the animal variety.

Your drawing will serve to interpret your personality preferences.

After you have drawn your pig, please read the results below.

Do not read the results until after you have drawn your pig.

Now . . . draw a pig.











Did you draw your pig? O.K. Now read the results.

PIG Personality Test Results:

1. If your pig is drawn toward the Top of your paper, you are an optimistic person with a positive attitude. You generally anticipate the best possible outcomes of actions and events. In other words, you see the glass as half full.

2. If your pig is drawn toward the Bottom of your paper, you tend to be more of a pessimistic person. You generally expect the worst. You see the glass as half empty.

3. If your pig is drawn toward the Middle of your paper, you are a realist who tends to face facts and deal with them realistically. You see the glass as dirty and put it in the dishwasher.

4. If your pig is drawn facing Left, you believe in tradition, are friendly, outgoing and tend to remember dates and birthdays. Hint for husbands: remember your wife’s birthday but never her age.

5. If your pig is drawn facing Right, you are innovative and active but not as good about remembering dates.

6. If your pig is drawn facing Forward, you are direct, straightforward, welcome discussion, and often enjoy playing the devil’s advocate.

7. If your pig is drawn with Many Details, you are analytical, cautious, careful and may be distrustful.

8. If your pig is drawn with Few Details, you are more impulsive, care little for detail and are willing to take risks.

9. If your pig is drawn with 4 Legs showing, you are secure, stick to your ideals, and can be stubborn.

10. If your pig is drawn with Less than 4 Legs showing, you may be insecure, uncertain, or living through a period of major change.

11. The Larger the pig’s Ears you have drawn, the better Listener you are.

12. And last but not least, the Longer the pig’s Tail you have drawn, the more satisfied you are with the quality of your love life.

I have found this assessment to be a great ice-breaker before a meeting, seminar or training session. I have used it literally hundreds of times and although the instrument is completely un-validated, sometimes the accuracy of the results is close to uncanny as reported by those who take it.

Do you know Joe Banyard?

If you don’t, you should..

So what happened with the TCU gig?

So as many of you may or may not know, I write occasional pieces for a weekly magazine called BlitzWeekly. 

I had an assignment this fall to cover the TCU Horned Frogs and was really looking forward to it. Then out of the blue last week I was informed that the media credentials for me were denied.


Yeah, I know. What kind of a gig is it when you can’t get credentials for the publication you are writing for? Seems strange and low-rent to me.

Did TCU become so famous that they decided that BlitzWeekly was beneath them?

I had just written a great article about how I thought TCU was going to win the National Championship. Maybe that made TCU mad??

I had also written a print article about the old Southwest Conference but there was nothing negative about TCU in there.

There was no explanation given, nothing. What am I to think?

Bottom line is I am thankful for being an Aggie fan.


How bout those Rangers????

The Rangers have taken the lead in the American League Wild Card race by 1 1/2 games over Minnesota and Anaheim for the 2nd wildcard spot.

Martin Perez pitched in to the 7th inning and Adrian Beltre hit another home run (408), as Texas beat the Orioles 4-3 on Saturday night in Arlington.

That’s the third victory in a row for the Rangers, who have won 12 of their last 16 games.

Derek Holland will take on Miguel Gonzalez on Sunday as the Rangers try to sweep the O’s.

I’m baaaaack………..

So a few things have happened since we last talked. My assignment with covering TCU this fall fell through (more on that later), and I decided that I will have more time to blog again.

Things are going very well for me thankfully, so I feel the need to blog again. The new job is going great, I’m feeling much better physically, so I am getting back in to my old comfort zone as it pertains to writing again. I have thought of a few projects I want to write about and I am getting fired up about. So, I’m back.

Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate it.

So long folks……

I hate to end it this way, but I don’t know of an easy way to do this.

Since 2009 I have been blogging and it has afforded me some great times. I have had several media credentials to sporting events and the like.

I guess it comes down to passion. I don’t have the blogging passion for the site anymore. Well, that’s not entirely the case as I will still be blogging for and I will be blogging about the TCU Horned Frogs this fall.

At any rate, I will be completing my Master’s degree, working at my new job in Plano, and blogging the Horned Frogs so it’s time to say good bye to the

There isn’t any sense in keeping it going. It’s just an added expense. I was hoping to turn the blog in to at least get advertising dollars to pay for itself, but that didn’t happen.

Enough about that.

It’s been fun. Thanks to the few of you who followed the exploits.

September 1st will be the last active day for the blog.

I appreciate it.


Sometime in the near future, I want to do video like this

I had posted this a long time ago and had to post it again. For those of you who don’t know, I am very interested in doing this kind of photography with a drone. I want to shoot video and put it to music as well. So neat to see this type of photography.

Season Preview: The TCU Horned Frogs have set their 2015 goals much higher



By Lew Patton

So I have this assignment to write about TCU football, and the task seemed so large, I almost geeked myself out over it. I mean, it almost seemed too big to write about. Think about it. TCU is ranked #2 in the entire country! TCU has a chance, to do something so special, it’s almost unthinkable. After getting the cold shoulder last season, and getting left out of the post season playoffs, TCU can shove the entire playoff picture back in the faces of the people who vote on such things this year. It’s almost too much to dream of. Let’s see how this might could shake out.

Just in case you don’t know or aren’t aware, TCU coach Gary Patterson changed the offensive philosophy last year and hire two coaches to run the offense. They are coaches Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie.  Meacham had spent ’13 running an up-tempo offense at Houston. Cumbie was a co-offensive coordinator at Texas Tech, but everyone knew Red Raiders coach Kliff Kingsbury controlled his own version of the Air Raid, which Kingsbury and Cumbie each ran for Leach as Texas Tech quarterbacks. So 19 months later, after the new offense pumped out 6.7 yards per play and helped the Horned Frogs go from 88th in the nation in scoring in 2013 (25.1 points a game) to second in ’14 (46.5), the men who crafted the scheme remain stunned. “I still am,” Meacham cracks. “Every day I walk in like, ‘Did this really happen?’”

So if you add this new offense with a potential Heisman trophy quarterback like Trevone Boykin, and you can’t help but be excited about this season and TCU. The Horned Frogs seem to have a huge opportunity to ply with a chip on their shoulder for a couple of reasons. Being leaped-frogged (no pun intended) in the ratings at the very last minute last year by Ohio State, being crowned “co-champions” of the Big 12 because of their close loss to Baylor last year, they can put all of that misery to bed this year and be redeemed after a better 2015 season. And know this, TCU has a chance to possibly run the table this year. They may not even lose a game. They are that good.

So with all of that, what could be the Achilles heel for TCU? The defense. The Horned Frogs have lost many great players to graduation. There are many replacements that need to come in and do their jobs.

For Patterson, his defense boils down to creating confusion at the line of scrimmage, playing with great leverage, establishing an eight-man front, and establishing a pressure package. Pretty basic stuff for any defense, but Patterson goes about it differently than most because of those separate calls for the front and the secondary.

The leverage is an important part of what makes the defense work. Though the Horned Frogs don’t necessarily pack the box in the way that other teams do, the alignment of the weak safety and the strong safety just outside the box allows the safeties the proximity to the line of scrimmage to make plays against the run, but not give up anything in coverage while doing it.

In fact, the goal of the front six is to direct everything outside to the safeties, who are taught independently of the cornerbacks with a heavy focus on leverage and angles. Patterson stresses playing “inside and in front” — the safeties are taught that once a ball carrier declares their intention, they are not to allow them to cross their face. As a result, TCU defenses are known for their ability to flow hard and quickly to the ball and arrive there with numbers.

The eight-man front helps fulfill one of Patterson’s central tenets, which is stopping the run first and foremost by outnumbering the offense at the point of attack. And since the front is disconnected from the secondary, but focused on pushing the ball to the safeties, the TCU front six will often slant or stunt to create confusion in opposing blocking schemes. In fact, there are 15 stunts and 15 twists in the Horned Frog playbook — the front wreaks havoc and the safeties are there to clean everything up.

It’s going to be a truly special season for TCU. I can feel it.  Better jump on board, the train is leaving soon!


My prediction?

TCU wins it’s first national Championship!

Boykin wins the Heisman!



Is Colin Montgomerie really Bill Parcells?


Professional golfer Colin Montgomerie to me is a spitting image of former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. Proof positive that there is always someone else in the world that looks just like you.

Decades Before Moneyball, The Dallas Cowboys Used Advanced Stats To Win Super Bowls

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