A Life’s Passion: This Lifelong Fan Hopes the Dallas Cowboys are on the Right Road

From Cowboys 101

September 4th, 2011 at 7:07 AM
By Joseph Pepitone

Lew Patton has been there since day one. Literally.

When the Dallas Cowboys took the field for the first time in 1960, a ten-year old Patton was watching in West Texas and incredibly hasn’t missed a game since. He saw his first game in person in 1975 and his memories of Texas Stadium will last a lifetime. “It was the most beautiful building I had ever seen,” Patton recalls as he reminisces about the Cowboys second home (after the Cotton Bowl), the stadium with the hole in the roof. “It didn’t take long for the idea that God could watch his team from above to take hold.”

Patton now writes his own blog, and contributes to many more sites, including NBC Sports and A father of three adult children and a proud veteran, no one can argue his dedication and service to his country or his football team. He has seen it all, listing Super Bowl VI as the greatest game he has ever seen (“We were finally THIS year’s champions!”), and the infamous Ice Bowl game as the toughest loss (“My boys played their guts out, frost bitten, and still lost”), with Super Bowl V a close second (“I was at Fort Ord, and I cried.”) He’s enjoyed watching the careers of Bob Lilly, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith and has survived the lean years of  Eddie LeBaron, Steve Pelluer, Anthony Wright, and Quincy Carter. Having served in the Army from 1970-73, Lew’s all time favorite Cowboy is actually a Navy man.

“I watched Roger in the Cotton Bowl against Texas, he was a great athlete but I wasn’t sure if he was going to make the roster or not. Later on, he had to endure (Tom) Landry’s rules. The fact that they both had military careers was one reason I think they got along. The thing about Staubach was you never, ever felt like the game was lost….he brought the Cowboys back to victory I don’t know how many times.”

Lew’s most bitter rival? You guessed it. “I absolutely abhor the Philadelphia Eagles.”

He believes Jason Garrett is a throwback to Tom Landry, the right man to bring this team back to glory if given enough time. He is confident the Cowboys are on the right road back to Super Bowl glory, a road Lew watched Landry travel with an expansion team starting in 1960. However, he tempers his excitement with a dose of reality. “The defense is a work in progress,…. and 9-7 is as good as they can expect to be.”

“With all due respect to the Cowboys history, they will be next year’s champions.” Lew told us.

Cowboys 101 wishes to thank Lew Patton, for his service to his country and his loyalty to his team. We appreciate him sharing his thoughts and memories with us and you. You can visit Lew at


A Life’s Passion: This Lifelong Fan Hopes the Dallas Cowboys are on the Right Road (C0wboys101)


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The Texas-ESPN Contract Has Emerged. Can The Rest Of The Big 12 Compete?


From Sports Grid

When Texas agreed last year to stay in the Big 12 – the major push needed for the depleted conference to survive – it was no secret why they did it: the promise of big TV money. Earlier this year, we found out how that big TV money would be acquired – the university’s own network, launched via a partnership with ESPN. Earlier this summer, we learned a little more about that network.

But here’s something else we learned: Texas’ Big 12 conference mates are concerned enough about the potential competitive advantage of one school having its own television network that they’re voting to impose certain limitations on what that network can and can’t do. And thanks to the recent posting of the the entire Longhorn Network agreement between Texas and ESPN, we understand that much more just how lucrative this network could be…and why fellow Big 12 institutions wouldn’t be thrilled with it.

Credit for the posting of the contract, and additional analysis, goes to @spadilly, who wrote about his findings on The Midnight Yell. Perhaps the most significant detail: even if at some point the Big 12 is no more (and any time a conference with “12″ in the name actually has 10 members, its long-term prospects can’t help but appear iffy), the Longhorn network continues uninterrupted:

In the event that UT determines during the Term, to become a member of an athletics conference other than the Big 12 Conference or not to participate in any athletics conference, UT agrees to continue to grant and provide (or to cause IMG to continue to grant and provide), to ESPN the Television Rights set forth in this Agreement.

Additionally, should Texas become an independent, ESPN would receive a 60-day window to negotiate the rights to air any programming that currently belongs to the Big 12, as well as a 48-hour window to match any hypothetical programming agreement with any other network. So no matter what happens, Texas is set in a way no other Big 12 school would be. And if the Big 12 is able to form a network of its own, it would do so without “Content in any manner that, in ESPN’s good faith judgment following consultation with Licensor, will materially adversely affect the distribution of the [Longhorn] Network during the Term.”

There are other tidbits worth checking out, but in the end it’s about money – namely, the nearly $11 million Texas takes home annually as part of this deal (and if ESPN at any point during the 20-year deal passes $295 million in profits, Texas receives 70 percent of those additional profits) – and exposure. Thanks to the Longhorn Network, Texas is assured not be hurting for either anytime soon – a level of assurance its Big 12 conference mates can’t match. Whether or not the Big 12 can continue on, Texas is to an extent living in its own world thanks to this ESPN deal. And while we can’t blame Texas for making the best business decisions possible for itself, we also wouldn’t blame the school’s rivals for not being thrilled about it.

Hope Solo getting a ridiculous amount of marriage proposals

From Off the Bench

It’s become the world’s new favorite pastime: Proposing marriage to Hope Solo. I’m not sure what guys like 43-year-old Stefan Pfister are hoping to accomplish by making elaborate banners asking Solo to marry them. It’s not like she’s scanning the neighborhood for the most artful penmanship as the criteria for settling down and starting a family. Oh Stefan, did you really think you had a shot?

“Hope Solo is a beautiful woman and a wonderful athlete,” Pfister told Yahoo! Sports. “She shows that you can be feminine and athletic and the best in your chosen sport. I saw during the last game that a fan had written a banner which proposed marriage so I am going to do the same, except that mine will be bigger and better.

“I am not necessarily expecting a positive response but it is a genuine offer,” added Pfister, who claims to have homes in five different countries. “I just want to show my appreciation for her class as a person and ability as a footballer.”

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Remember Christian Lopez? Miller Light has his taxes covered

Finally! A company has stepped up and is doing the right thing!

Christian Lopez, a 23-year-old cellphone salesman from Highland Mills, N.Y., scooped up the milestone baseball Saturday. Instead of trying to sell the ball, he decided to give it back to Jeter. The Yankees responded by giving him memorabilia and tickets, setting off media speculation that Lopez would have to pay taxes on his windfall.

According to accountants contacted by the New York Daily News and New York Times, that tax bill could end up being anywhere from $5,000 to $14,000.

“Worse comes to worse, I’ll have to pay the taxes,” Lopez told the Daily News on Monday. “I’m not going to return the seats. I have a lot of family and friends who will help me out if need be.

“The IRS has a job to do, so I’m not going to hold it against them, but it would be cool if they helped me out a little on this.”

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Wake up call: It’s time to fix the All-Star game in MLB

I’ll say it again: Baseball has an image problem. While players hit golden balls in the Home Run Derby, while the NFL and NBA are on strike, baseball has this crazy idea of an All-Star game to pay baseball players money if they are selected as an All-Star, whether they show up to the game or not. Rumor has it Derek Jeter got a cool half million dollars for being selected an All-Star, then didn’t even show up to the game, citing mental fatigue after chasing 3,000 hits? Boo freaking hoo!

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Wake up call: Catching baseballs

Five days after Shannon Stone died falling over the railing at a Rangers game, some unwise fan at the Home Run Derby in Arizona did this. It’s amazing to me that this guy did this in view of what’s happened in baseball this week.

Turns out that the man in question, Keith Carmickle, and his friends already had caught three balls and were hungry for more. Luckily his friends caught his legs before he fell over.

We’ve seen some great catches of foul balls and home runs at baseball games, but this guy made one heck of a catch last night at Chase Field. Not only did he catch the home run ball in the pool, but he saved his beer in the process!

But let’s not forget the one-armed veteran that caught a foul ball in a hat.


The gentleman’s name is Michael Kacer, a 29-year-old man from Waymart, Pennsylvania. Kacer spent 11 years with the National Guard and lost his arm in a rocket attack in Afghanistan in 2008. Along with over 20 other people, he attended the Yankees-Rockies game Friday night as part of Achilles International, “a New York-based nonprofit providing mainstream athletic opportunities for people with disabilities.”

Kacer got to meet Nick Swisher and Joe Girardi before the game, and he probably ended up being the most impressive figure after making that sweet grab.




What you missed while the police broke up a domestic dispute

* Further proof that thieves must have some sort of mental challenges

* Google Maps needs to make a correction

* Again, be careful how you distribute your karma



I don’t think Rex needs to tan any more


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Leave it to Harold Reynolds to give us the example

And speaking of foul balls, while examining a recent incident in Rockies-Cubs game where interference in the bullpen was alleged, Harold Reynolds sat himself in a chair near the foul line in the MLB studio field, and asked Eric Byrnes what he’d do if he were the left fielder in such a situation.  “That was too hard man” and that was too funny!


Governor Kasich: Mavericks are ‘Honorary Ohioans’

You know, it feels pretty darned good to be appreciated.

Take John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio.

John Kasich, Governor of the state of Ohio, took the unusual step of honoring a team with no geographical ties to his jurisdiction. On Monday, one day after the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals, Kasich’s office released a press release noting that the governor had issued a resolution that declared that the Mavericks, their friends, family and fans are now officially “Honorary Ohioans.”

Why would he do this? Retribution, of course.

The Heat were led by Ohio native former Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, who opted to take his talents to South Beach last summer rather than return to play for the Cavaliers. In return, fans in Ohio booed him mercilessly during his two return visits to Cleveland and openly rooted for the Heat to get bounced from the playoffs.

The resolution specifically praises Dallas’ “loyalty, integrity and teamwork” and specifically praises Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki for choosing to re-sign with the Mavericks last summer. Kasich’s resolution bears the official seal of Ohio, bestows upon the Mavericks “all privileges and honors” that goes with the title “Honorary Ohioans” and is signed at the bottom.

I’m gonna tell ya, you better not double cross the good folks of Ohio. They have great memories. Meanwhile, not only do we Maverick fans get to enjoy being NBA Champions for the year, we get some great folks in Ohio that like us.

Now, maybe we can talk to our new Ohio friends about the Rangers and Indians.


Governor Kasich: Mavericks are honorary ‘Ohioans’ (

Wake Up Call: The morning after an NBA Championship is won

According to my Twitter and Facebook page, there are still many, many Dallas Maverick fans that are still up and celebrating the Mavs victory last night. The Mavs are due to fly out of Miami at 9:00 AM ET, so I’m not sure how some of those folks are gonna do it, but carrying a championship trophy(ies) shouldn’t be too painful.

As expected, lots of details coming out now that the series is over. From ESPN:

Dirk and his Mavs, truth be told, had more swagger than anyone knew. Keeping with a tradition that began in earnest before Game 4 of Dallas’ second-round sweep of the Los Angeles Lakers, every Mavs player conspired to wear something black to work on Sunday, convinced that they’d soon do to Wade’s Heat precisely what Miami did to Dallas in a Game 6 on the road five years prior.

“Goin’ to a funeral” was the Mavs’ inside joke.

It was a farewell flurry that took Nowitzki’s fourth-quarter total for the series to a heady 62 points … matching the combined total Wade and LeBron James scored in the fourth. It was a clinching salvo that left even Nowitzki’s famously stoic shot doctor with watery eyes when the ABC cameras found Holger Geschwinder in the stands.

“Tomorrow he gets a day off,” Dallas Mavericks defeated James and the Miami Heat in Game 6 on Sunday night, Gilbert sent a message on his Twitter page to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban — a statement that included a jab at James.

“Congrats to Mark C.& entire Mavs org.,” Gilbert wrote. “Mavs NEVER stopped & now entire franchise gets rings. Old Lesson for all: There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE.”

So from the Cleveland segment to the Dirk, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, old dogs that have played in the finals but never won club, et al, this was a very emotional series for the Mavs and for so many others. I’ve read where the Mavs are the new “America’s Team” and have dethroned the cross town Cowboys of that honor. One thing is for certain: The Mavs will be celebrating this for a long time to come. Congrats Mavs!



Lots of photo shopping going on

*Relax NFL fans, 49’ers Coach Jim Harbaugh said Sunday that he expects the NFL’s lockout to be lifted in early July.

* Think babies know how to look at our diets.



Story of my life “too qualified”


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In the meantime,

A new sport I’m interested in, Lingerie Football League

I know there will be some ridicule here, but I am totally interested in Lingerie Football League.

I know what you are thinking, but I really am. Take a look at this clip:


Isn’t that some great action? I’ve sent off for my credentials to cover the games, wish me luck!

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