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There is something eerie about the new Laredo Lemurs already

When it’s cold outside like it is today, I always revert to thinking about warm weather and warm weather activities like baseball.

As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the local team, the Independent league Champion Grand Prairie AirHogs.

There is a new team in the league named the Laredo Lemurs which is good for the league considering the Lemurs are supposedly cast-offs from the Shreveport Captains that disbanded their team last year for unknown (money) reasons.

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Bell: Cats will be back in 2012

From Ballpark Digest

Despite a move by the American Association to remove the Fort Worth Cats from its 2012 lineup, owner Carl Bell says he’s selling the team to new owners, who would field a team next season.

Earlier this week the American Association pulled the team’s membership after Bell failed to provide a $200,000 letter of credit, a league requirement at the start of every season. Nothing firm in terms of these new owners has been announced, and you must presume Miles Wolff and crew weren’t sufficiently optimistic about any sale of the team before yanking the team’s league privileges.

In an interview with a local TV station, Bell said he was working on a sale of the team and also wants to see the Fort Worth Sports Authority buy historic LaGrave Field, which has been an economic liability for Bell in recent years.

No schedule yet for the American Association, as there are some challenges. Word in league circles is that the Shreveport-Bossier Captains are ceasing operations as well; the team is still listed as one of 13 active franchises on the league website, but that list doesn’t include Laredo, and there’s no mention of a 2012 season on the Captains website. (Then again, the Laredo Lemurs site doesn’t mention the American Association, either.)

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A High School Soccer Team’s Season Almost Ended Because They Did A Funny Dance

From Sports Grid

In 1993′s seminal Weekend at Bernie’s II, the titular character of Bernie (who is, of course, dead) . The soccer team at Perry Hall High School in Maryland took notice, and after a recent win, the team performed the dance, as seen above.

However, it turned out the dance didn’t sit well with the parents of the team Perry Hall beat…or the higher-ups at Perry Hall itself. So the school made an extreme decision – it barred its own soccer team from competing for the remainder of the season. A season, mind you, that contained yet-unplayed playoff games.

Backlash was strong, and wholly understandable. Students protested. Parents proclaimed the uproar over the dance was based on a misunderstanding (apparently some of the initial backlash was because the dance was supposedly “sexually suggestive” – i.e. crotch-grabbing – but one parent said that didn’t happen, nor was any bad language used). Moreover, they said the dance was actually common throughout the year. Stephen Douglas at The Big Lead called the season cancellation “disgusting.” The school’s decision struck us as grossly unfair not just to Perry Hall’s own team, but the team(s) they would have played, who were robbed of honest playoff competition.

Thankfully, though, cooler heads prevailed, and Perry Hall will get to play out its season after all. They have a regional semifinal playoff game against Blake High School tomorrow at 2 p.m. Some measure of credit goes to Perry Hall principal George Roberts for ultimately making the right call, but it never should have even gotten this far. Look at that photo above – to us, just looks like some kids acting goofy. If that’s all it was – and really, even if not – canceling a season goes way too far. Let’s hope the kids did a Bernie’s dance when they got the news they could play again.

My Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball team won a championship with this dance:

What’s up with the Dallas Morning News? Really


OK, so you know how there is this imaginary battle line drawn in the sand (concrete and pavement) between Tarrant and Dallas County? In fact, there have been wars waged between the 2 counties enough that DFW Airport straddles the line?

And the Fort Worth Star Telegram publishes stories about the Fort Worth Cats of the Independent League? The Star Telegram does a great job of telling the folks of Tarrant County and beyond about what’s going on with the team.

The Grand Prairie AirHogs are in the same league as the Cats, but do you think the paper that charges customers to read their paper follows the AirHogs??? Nope. I know, it makes no sense does it?

So I have tried to contact the Dallas Morning News and offered to write daily updates about the AirHogs,  FOR FREE, and have gotten zero responses. So, rather than cry over spilt milk, let’s see what is important today at the Morning News that they can’t publish a little local sports.

Here are the Top Stories with links.

Live British Open (stats) Yawn

Jon Daniels on the trade deadline: Nothing will catch us by surprise  This was just a transcript report when Daniels did an interview on the radio.

Photos: Get to know your favorite Rangers and their superhero alter egos Are you kidding me? Alter Egos?

Wait, maybe the Dallas Morning News is just covering other stories and can’t really cover all of sports in Dallas County? Maybe they have so many reporters on the John Wiley Price story, or the Desoto ISD Prez making 180K per year that they just don’t have the time or personnel to cover the little ol AirHogs of Grand Prairie.

At any rate, there is some great baseball being played in Grand Prairie. They have had the San Diego Chicken there this year, they lead the league (yes the same league as the Fort Worth Cats), and there is shade at the ballpark to watch it comfortably. Maybe the Dallas Morning News will have the courage to visit QuikTrip Park one day.

Wake up call: It’s All-Star time

The 82nd All-Star game isn’t officially until Tuesday, but the home run hitting contest is tonight, so it’s like a two-day party fest that starts today.

Chase Field in Phoenix is the place. Where the Arizona Diamondbacks play. I love Phoenix. (And Scottsdale).

A retractable roof. The swimmin’ pool in right field. And movie stars. Why can’t Kirk Gibson’s new house in Phoenix be a destination spot in the middle of July? Midwest snowbird Bud Selig has a air-conditioned place in Scottsdale.

There’s the unbearable heat. And those protests that will be outside the Chase Field about SB 1070, Arizona’s controversial immigration law. Arizona Republic columnist Dan Bickley wrote the other day: “Fortunately for Major League Baseball, the (political) climate in Arizona has improved dramatically, even if the weather remains perfectly awful. … So quit whining about the heat. And pray that another generator doesn’t go boom before the final pitch.” And that no one litters in the pool, even if they’re excited about seeing Andre Ethier take his spot there in right field.

I always look forward to this game. Maybe Josh Hamilton can get in to the home run derby again.


Your Grand Prairie AirHogs win the series Vs. Amarillo and the Sox mascot. Last night’s game had Danny Figueroa tying an American Association record with a six-hit game, going 6-for-6 with four runs scored and an RBI, while the Grand Prairie AirHogs’ bullpen bailed out starter Lance Janke by throwing 6 1/3 scoreless innings, as the AirHogs scored the final eight runs to come back and beat the Amarillo Sox 12-8 on Sunday, winning the last three games of the four game series at Amarillo National Bank Sox Stadium.

No word if the Sox mascot was excited about the series.



What you missed while going for a joyride

* Looks like business as usual at the Vacaville Super 8

* What would you do if you won the lottery?

* And while you were sleeping, was your cell phone in Canada?



It’s Monday, and already thinking about the weekend


Thanks for reading the blog. Have a great day!


St. Paul Saints Hosted “Welcome To Zombieland” Theme Night

From Off the Bench

by Ben Chew

Ah, baseball. The great American pastime where some of the greatest promoters of all-time used their wit and wisdom to drive people to the ballpark.

Last week, the minor league St. Paul Saints were celebrating the Central Corridor Light Rail project and what better way to celebrate it by giving it a zombie theme:

The marketing managers at Midway Stadium are showcasing their trademark humor by giving Thursday night’s St. Paul Saints game a zombie theme in honor of the Central Corridor Light Rail project.

What’s the connection between the living dead and light rail construction? A statement from the Saints indicates the zombie theme is meant to be ironic, as “University Avenue is Alive!”

The evening is an apparent rejoinder to those who say light-rail construction is leaving small businesses along University Avenue half dead, despite the efforts of city officials to offer select parking improvements and up to $20,000 in no-interest loans and grants.

Hopefully, Woody Harrelson wasn’t confused by the title.


St. Paul Saints promotion celebrates light rail project – with the living dead [Twin Cities]

Cameron sold to Phillies


From AirHogs Press Release:


GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas — The Grand Prairie AirHogs’ bullpen suffered a blow on Thursday, albeit one the team can be proud of, as set-up man Dustin Cameron was sold to the Philadelphia Phillies organization, the third AirHogs pitcher who has signed elsewhere during the 2011 season.
The durable righthander was having another excellent season, with a team-best 1.30 ERA in 28 appearances (tying him with his teammate Jon Hunton for the league lead in appearances). He has 22 strikeouts against seven walks in 27 2/3 innings, having allowed only four earned runs.

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Wake up call: Happy Birthday America!

Heroes and baseball. Usually where you find one, you find the other.
The day was April 25, 1976. The Cubs were playing the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Patrolling center field for the Cubs was 30-year-old Rick Monday, who was embarking upon what would be the best season of his career, with 32 home runs and 77 runs batted in. On this spring day in ’76, he was on a Cubs team that was headed for a fourth place finish in the National League East. It was the fourth inning with the Dodgers batting.

Wake up call: Your pre-fireworks show



Good morning /afternoon fellow Americans. Sort of a nice way to enjoy a holiday weekend with no boundaries, let’s see what what’s shaking today.

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Wake up call: It’s Friday, July 1st, time to get ready for a holiday weekend!

Aaaah yes, it’s Friday, July 1st, and time to plan the big weekend right? In my mind, July 4th is the exact middle of the summer so I have to plan this weekend carefully because before I know it, September will be here.

Lots to think about and plan. Do I go to a parade here, or fireworks there? The main thing about this weekend is it will probably involve baseball. And that’s a good thing.

One thing to note here. If you are a minor league baseball team, take heart in knowing not everyone might not know your name:Just keep playing baseball man!

By the way, just cause it’s the Major Leagues, don’t think they don’t have issues sometimes.

I just got some great news! It’s a great weekend already!!!!!Oh, and those poor employees at the LA Dodgers. Some of their paychecks bounced.

On Tuesday the Los Angeles Dodgers got approval Tuesday to enter into a $150 million bankruptcy financing arrangement to keep the team from failing to make its payroll. Unfortunately, some employees were not spared from money problems.

On Thursday a Dodgers spokesman confirmed that the paychecks of some part-time staffers bounced. Apparently, the Dodgers’ accounts were frozen for 48 hours after the team filed for bankruptcy on Monday.

At this point it is unclear how many employees saw their paychecks bounce, but some security personnel and ushers were affected. In a perfect world, some of the Dodgers more highly-paid players would have told the team to take care of the low-level staffers first, before addressing their pay, but you can’t blame the players for management’s inability to balance the books.

Let’s hope that all gets worked out.



What you missed while wondering how much bacon you ate

* Let’s go to Burger King for a beer!

* Being awarded $1.00 could cost thousands

* Don’t assume everything is safe



An ex-spouse doing this? It has to be the funny papers!


Thanks for reading the blog, folks. Have a great 4th of July weekend!!


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