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Former Grand Prairie AirHog has a great chance to make it to the Show


Former Grand Prairie AirHog James Paxton has been invited to Seattle Mariners spring training with a good chance at making the big league club.  James is currently ranked as the Mariners #4 prospect and many scouts believe that James will be wearing a Mariners jersey sometime this season.

Mariners invite 18 to spring training, including Zunino, Walker, Paxton, Franklin.

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Grand Prairie AirHog player plays all nine positions in one game.

This past week the Grand Prairie AirHogs lost any playoff hopes and their season ended the next day (Labor Day), with nothing to play for but to just finish the season against the Amarillo Sox at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie.

Enter Kenny Held.

Kenny thought it would be fun on the last day of the season to play all nine positions on the field, since it was the last game of the season.

He changed positions every inning saving the ninth inning to pitch, where he pitched two strike-outs and the ball was clocked at 93 mph in the three up, three down inning to finish the game with an 8-2 AirHog win. I caught up with Kenny after the game.

I made the mistake of saying 9 positions in one inning, but I meant to say game.

There can be disappointment in the game of baseball

Someone once said baseball is a game.

I disagree. Baseball is one gut-wrenching, palm sweating, biting your fingernails, never satisfied addictive experience.

Baseball. People will come Ray. It happens to all teams eventually. Just like all hitters go through batting slumps, all teams go through losing streaks. It’s bound to happen, no escaping it. The difference in teams is how they handle it.

The Grand Prairie AirHogs were last year’s Independent Association Champions. First time ever in the history of the franchise.

The team was gutted except for two players, Greg Porter and David Thomas. Last night I learned that now those two are gone. I don’t think anyone is happy about it. In fact, last night when I went to the game, fans, some AirHogs employees, some players, and some coaches were not in too good of a mood because of the recent events of the club.

It’s a hard life this “game” of baseball. It changes a lot. The players (all players on all teams) have to adjust continually. New teams, new places. It’s hard to do.

I found out it is hard on the upper management too. The travel expenses for the team increased some $30,000 from last year because the league scheduled the AirHogs to play games in the northeast earlier in the season. That’s tough budget wise.

My good friend Calvin Shuler once said, “you have to love this game to play it”, and that is absolutely the quote of the year. The AirHogs are 6 games up in their division, but it’s unknown how long that can last. Coach Ricky and Coach Champion are doing the best they can under the circumstances. You just gotta believe things will get better. It has to. Golf is even less of a game.

Another Fun Saturday Night at QuikTrip Park

Baseball. You gotta love it right?

It’s easy for me to see why baseball is such Americana. It’s a place to scoop up the family and go have fun watching the great game.

Hotdogs, peanuts, beer, and ice cream. Sit back and relax. No high dollar pressure from commercials, none of this we gotta go here or there. Just a lazy summer Saturday enjoying the great game.

The Airhogs didn’t happen to win this game, but it is still fun to come out to the park and enjoy yourselves.

Take a look at my video of the pre-game and ask yourselves, wouldn’t it be fun to sit in the shade and watch some baseball?

Come on out folks. It’s America in action.

AirHogs win another bullpen battle

From Airhogsbaseball.com

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two in seventh the difference for Grand Prairie

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – A long day of baseball at QuikTrip Park that started Saturday morning with YMCA T-Ball games and ended with a Fireworks Saturday Night spectacular saw the home team win as well, as the Grand Prairie AirHogs took their fourth straight contest, scoring late for the second night in a row to beat the Amarillo Sox 4-3.

Between the T-Ball, the opening ceremonies of the USSSA World Series, the day-long “Boob-B-Cue” to support breast cancer research and the AirHogs game itself, a crowd of 6,455 came through QuikTrip Park on Saturday.

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VanAsselberg back as AirHogs’ skipper

After leading Grand Prairie to title, manager gets two-year extension

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – After leading the Grand Prairie AirHogs to their first championship in their four-year history, field manager Ricky VanAsselberg was rewarded with a new two-year contract, the club announced Monday.

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There is something eerie about the new Laredo Lemurs already

When it’s cold outside like it is today, I always revert to thinking about warm weather and warm weather activities like baseball.

As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the local team, the Independent league Champion Grand Prairie AirHogs.

There is a new team in the league named the Laredo Lemurs which is good for the league considering the Lemurs are supposedly cast-offs from the Shreveport Captains that disbanded their team last year for unknown (money) reasons.

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A few minutes with Jeff Carman

Jeff Carman is a good friend who works as the man in charge of Tickets at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie, home of the World Champion Grand Prairie AirHogs.  Hear what he has to say about the upcoming baseball season.



A round-up of some of my best YouTube videos

So it’s Sunday morning, the time has changed back to standard time, I’m sitting here in front of my computer and I just realized, I have never written or done an overview of my YouTube channel and I think that needs to be done. Not to brag you understand, but I’ve had the opportunity to put some pretty neat things together, especially from last year’s Super Bowl here in Dallas. So, let’s take a look:


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A High School Soccer Team’s Season Almost Ended Because They Did A Funny Dance

From Sports Grid

In 1993′s seminal Weekend at Bernie’s II, the titular character of Bernie (who is, of course, dead) . The soccer team at Perry Hall High School in Maryland took notice, and after a recent win, the team performed the dance, as seen above.

However, it turned out the dance didn’t sit well with the parents of the team Perry Hall beat…or the higher-ups at Perry Hall itself. So the school made an extreme decision – it barred its own soccer team from competing for the remainder of the season. A season, mind you, that contained yet-unplayed playoff games.

Backlash was strong, and wholly understandable. Students protested. Parents proclaimed the uproar over the dance was based on a misunderstanding (apparently some of the initial backlash was because the dance was supposedly “sexually suggestive” – i.e. crotch-grabbing – but one parent said that didn’t happen, nor was any bad language used). Moreover, they said the dance was actually common throughout the year. Stephen Douglas at The Big Lead called the season cancellation “disgusting.” The school’s decision struck us as grossly unfair not just to Perry Hall’s own team, but the team(s) they would have played, who were robbed of honest playoff competition.

Thankfully, though, cooler heads prevailed, and Perry Hall will get to play out its season after all. They have a regional semifinal playoff game against Blake High School tomorrow at 2 p.m. Some measure of credit goes to Perry Hall principal George Roberts for ultimately making the right call, but it never should have even gotten this far. Look at that photo above – to us, just looks like some kids acting goofy. If that’s all it was – and really, even if not – canceling a season goes way too far. Let’s hope the kids did a Bernie’s dance when they got the news they could play again.

My Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball team won a championship with this dance:

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