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There is something eerie about the new Laredo Lemurs already

When it’s cold outside like it is today, I always revert to thinking about warm weather and warm weather activities like baseball.

As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the local team, the Independent league Champion Grand Prairie AirHogs.

There is a new team in the league named the Laredo Lemurs which is good for the league considering the Lemurs are supposedly cast-offs from the Shreveport Captains that disbanded their team last year for unknown (money) reasons.

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What’s up with the Dallas Morning News? Really


OK, so you know how there is this imaginary battle line drawn in the sand (concrete and pavement) between Tarrant and Dallas County? In fact, there have been wars waged between the 2 counties enough that DFW Airport straddles the line?

And the Fort Worth Star Telegram publishes stories about the Fort Worth Cats of the Independent League? The Star Telegram does a great job of telling the folks of Tarrant County and beyond about what’s going on with the team.

The Grand Prairie AirHogs are in the same league as the Cats, but do you think the paper that charges customers to read their paper follows the AirHogs??? Nope. I know, it makes no sense does it?

So I have tried to contact the Dallas Morning News and offered to write daily updates about the AirHogs,  FOR FREE, and have gotten zero responses. So, rather than cry over spilt milk, let’s see what is important today at the Morning News that they can’t publish a little local sports.

Here are the Top Stories with links.

Live British Open (stats) Yawn

Jon Daniels on the trade deadline: Nothing will catch us by surprise  This was just a transcript report when Daniels did an interview on the radio.

Photos: Get to know your favorite Rangers and their superhero alter egos Are you kidding me? Alter Egos?

Wait, maybe the Dallas Morning News is just covering other stories and can’t really cover all of sports in Dallas County? Maybe they have so many reporters on the John Wiley Price story, or the Desoto ISD Prez making 180K per year that they just don’t have the time or personnel to cover the little ol AirHogs of Grand Prairie.

At any rate, there is some great baseball being played in Grand Prairie. They have had the San Diego Chicken there this year, they lead the league (yes the same league as the Fort Worth Cats), and there is shade at the ballpark to watch it comfortably. Maybe the Dallas Morning News will have the courage to visit QuikTrip Park one day.

AirHogs at the YMCA 7/12/2011(Updated w/video)

I was able to take some video of the AirHogs at the YMCA today.

Some of the kids have “challenges” and I did get permission to film them as well. The reason I set this up like I did is to show how important it was for the kids to have fun with the players there today. Huge props to the AirHogs who took time out to be with the kids today.

David Espinosa, David Nathanson, Josh Rainwater, and last but certainly not least, Cesar Nicols who played Ace Bacon. Thanks guys. You made lots of kids laugh today!


I had a chance to tag along today and watch some AirHogs players do a good thing and sign autographs and play with the kids at the YMCA in Grand Prairie. Good job guys!

It meant a lot to the kids, and they had a blast too.

AirHogs 7-11-11

The Grand Prairie AirHogs came home from a desolate and dusty Amarillo in the wee hours of the morning today, got a little rest, and then took on the Ft. Worth Cats this evening at QuikTrip Park. It didn’t work out too well for the good guys, losing to the Cats 14-1.

Those kinds of games happen sometimes.

It’s still amazing to me how we have a league-leading team here in Grand Prairie, we’ve had three players move up to Triple A, which is almost the major leagues, there are great promotions at the park, and everything is cheap, and hardly anyone goes to it.


Wake up call: There are battles in baseball, but it is entertaining

If you look at the box score for last night’s game between the Grand Prairie AirHogs and the Shreveport Captains, you will see that the home team AirHogs lost a game 6-1. But to me, the game was much more than that. Even though we all get caught up in winning and losing at times, it was a fun evening, even though we lost the game.

The thing that gets me about Grand Prairie is it’s a great city. It’s between Dallas and Fort Worth, and QuikTrip Park is nestled on the same grounds as Lone Star Park and the Verizon Theatre. You would think lots of people would be AirHogs fans. You would think that the AirHogs would pack the 5,000 seat stadium every night, especially given the fact it’s a beautiful stadium, and the AirHogs are in 1st place in their division. But you would be wrong.

In one of the most perplexing things I’ve seen in a long time, very seldom do fans come to the park that number even 1000. It’s crazy right? It’s a cheap night at the park. Admission is next to nothing, the food is great and cheap, and even the suites are affordable. A person could drop 35.00 and eat and drink until they have had plenty..all you can eat for 35.00 and a ball game.

I don’t get it. While I wonder why there aren’t more people at the park, and by the way do you know this stadium has a swimming pool in center field? But while I wonder about why people don’t come out to this park, to watch a great group of guys play for a great organization, let me see if I can show you what you are missing. Pay attention to this little kid at the beginning of this video, and see if you think he likes being able to talk to big league ball players at the dugout. You can’t do that everywhere right?***


What you missed while eating your oatmeal

* Unlike humans, birds tweet using grammar

* Why women are better than men at everything (written by a woman of course)

* This will make you think before going to sleep tonight



You have to pay the piper if you over do the liver.


Your Greg Smith update


Thanks for reading everybody! Have a great Humpday!


Those St. Paul Saints are cutting edge!

For the record, in case you can’t make it out, that’s a picture of a hotdog holding a St. Paul Saints pennant as a Twitter bird takes his picture.

From their website St. Paul Saints:

The state that has received the biggest coverage, of late, for its Wiener’s is New York.  Photographic evidence (and police records) show they come in all shapes and sizes, and can be sent across the world via cell phones and the internet.  Of course, we’re referring to the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest held annually on July 4.  Two lucky fans will have a chance to win round trip tickets to the July 4, 2012 contest.  In order to win, fans can tweet a photo of their best-looking Wieners (from the grill) to @StPaulSaints.  Twitter accounts hacked into will be ineligible initially.  On July 23, the photos will be shown on the Saints video board and fans will choose a contest Wiener.

Hooo Boy!

During the evening, the Saints will have their very own Tweeting Wiener, as Master of Ceremonies Joe Wiener (seriously, that’s his name) will send out tweets and twit pics during the night from the top of the third base dugout.  It is expected that following the game, Saints fans will encourage Wiener to resign.

Great idea.

Bear in mind this team was in Grand Prairie about a week ago talking about how bad the playing field was in Amarillo. I guess we here in Texas aren’t as interesting as the good folks in Minnesota.



National Hot Dog Day With Tweeting Wiener (St. Paul Saints.com)


Your Friday AirHog update

The Grand Prairie AirHogs are in El Paso to begin a short roadtrip:

A three game set today, Saturday, and Sunday, then a three game series in Fort Worth starting Monday.

Let’s hear what Coach Ricky thinks about the upcoming series:


If you want to watch the game you can! Just log in to here!

Go AirHogs!

It’s hot in Texas, so why the black jerseys?

The Grand Prairie AirHogs baseball team played the Amarillo Sox today at QuikTrip Park in Grand Prairie. What was funny about the event was the AirHogs chose to wear their black jerseys. Now anyone in Texas can tell you if you are out in the hot Texas sun, that’s the last color you want to wear in the direct sunlight.

The pitching coach for the AirHogs agreed. Let’s listen to Coach Thad Markray of the AirHogs:


Wake Up Call: Your AirHogs break the slide!

What a relief it is to end a 4 game losing streak right?

Meanwhile, I had a chance to sit down with AirHogs closer, Big John Hunton. Check out this interview.


And then I caught up with him after he got his uniform on.


He’s a good guy, and we AirHogs fans should be glad he’s here. Just a great guy.

Now, would you like to know who gets my vote for the best AirHogs fan?

Nathan is a great kid, he just passed the first grade. He loves coming to QuikTrip Park to get autographs. It doesn’t have to be just AirHog autographs either. He just loves being able to get any and all autographs of his big league heroes, no matter what team they play for. I’ve been watching Nathan do this for a year now, and it warms my heart that kids still see big league ball players as heroes. I still believe there is something honest and pure in that notion. Hats off to Lil Nathan!  Check out his pictures after the jump.

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Wakeup Call: Yes, the AirHogs were swept, so what?

Good morning you bright and beautiful sports fans. Welcome to another week of summer in the world of sports. Before I begin with today’s news, please be advised that the Grand Prairie AirHogs were swept in their 3 game series with the St. Paul Saints. All I have to say to that is, “so what?”

It’s just one series. It’s the first time the AirHogs lost a series this year, gimme a break. Last night’s game was the first time they were shut out this year. gimme a break. All I can say is, it was one series. The good news is, there is a different opponent tonight at QuikTrip Park. Amarillo makes its first trip to the city for tonight’s game, and YOU can be a part of it.

So ok, here is the bad news, but let me just say, sometimes the more you try to analyze something, sometimes it’s like micro-managing, it get’s worse. My suggestion is, just look at this past weekend as an freak of nature. It was out of the ordinary. The Grand Prairie AirHogs are still in first place, just like the Texas Rangers are.

By the way, I heard a lot of folks didn’t go to the game because you wanted to watch the Mavs last night. Now I’m a big Mavs fan too, but why spend 5 hours on a team only to lose in the last seconds by two points? Crazy. Could have seen that at the ball park after the baseball game was over. They televised it.

From AirHogsbaseball.com: Bats go quiet as AirHogs are swept

In the first two games of the series against the St. Paul Saints, the Grand Prairie AirHogs had plenty of opportunities to get victories, but could not get the big hit they needed. On Sunday, the AirHogs were simply overwhelmed at the plate by three Saints pitchers, as St. Paul won 7-0 to complete a three-game sweep in front of 1,552 fans at QuikTrip Park.

OK, so the AirHogs were swept. I’m looking out my window this morning and guess what? The sun came up! Let’s get on with the new day shall we?

I saw some funny things at the park over the weekend. Check this out:


So come on out to the park tonight and watch the AirHogs get back on track. It’s gonna be sweet!!!

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