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I’m no fashion guru, but c’mon MLB

You might think this is a picture of a Major League Baseball game from decades ago and you would be wrong. This game was between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres just last Saturday night when both teams put … Continue reading

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What’s going on with baseball?

  There’s something fishy (no pun intended of course) with this picture. Something is going on with baseball.   From the Sportress of Blogitude: And the skeptics said Major League Baseball wouldn’t succeed in south Florida. According to the box score … Continue reading

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Who’s hit the longest homeruns so far in MLB?

It’s always interesting to recap who is hitting homeruns in Major League Baseball. The obvious question then, is who has hit the farthest long ball of the year so far? From MLB: Today’s game may have few players, if any … Continue reading

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The difference between a World Series team and the Texas Rangers

I wish I could just embed these videos, but you know, they belong to Major League Baseball and they don’t like to embed their videos, but if you will hit the links you can clearly see the difference on about … Continue reading

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Wake up call: The Giants return to the scene of the crime

You remember opening day in Major League Baseball right? The San Francisco Giants were playing the LA Dodgers in LA when Giants fan Bryan Stow was beat up for wearing a Giants jersey? Well guess what? The Giants are back … Continue reading

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Marketing 101

From Ben’s Biz Blog The San Diego Padres recently announced a new partnership with TaylorMade Golf, highlighted by a piece of ballpark signage that is anything but par for the course: an 88-foot R11 replica driver along the right field … Continue reading

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Sometimes, baseball just makes no sense

So you go to bed at night thinking the world will at least stay on its axis until you can wake up the next day. I couldn’t sleep for some reason and got on my computer at 3:30 AM and … Continue reading

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Stay In School, Kids (And You’ll Be Smarter Than Any Major Leaguer)

From Deadspin                           The Wall Street Journal has discovered that out of all current Major League Baseball players and managers, only 26 have four-year college degrees. 26! And … Continue reading

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Be nice to umpires, they take lots of abuse

    So I’m watching the game between the Rangers and Bluejays when this accident happens. The umpire gets hit by the barrel end of a swinging bat. Ooohhh, that had to hurt. The medics came out and wheeled him … Continue reading

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