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Say goodnight to the 2011 edition of the Dallas Cowboys

So there ya have it Cowboys fans…

The Cowboys had another “must win” scenario, and the end of the season, and blew it. Again.

The game is in the 4th Quarter and that guy Cruz caught another long pass for the Giants and that should just about do it for this year’s  version of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Even the Taiwanese know the Cowboys choke in big games

I don’t know about you, but being a Cowboys fan nowadays isn’t all that great. Even people from foreign countries know the Boys are pretty bad.

Check out this video:

I sure wish Jerry would do something besides embarrass us Cowboys fans…..

For Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, his legacy starts now

From the Star-Telegram

Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman insist Tony Romo will be the next Dallas Cowboys quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Romo believes it, too. Doubts about his ability to lead the Cowboys to the Promised Land prompted Romo earlier this season to declare, “This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point.

“Quarterbacks are judged by statistics and wins; they are defined by Super Bowls.But to win the Super Bowl involves getting there. To get there involves winning in the playoffs. To win in the playoffs involves winning meaningful regular-season games.And that brings us to the Cowboys’ winner-take-all game against the New York Giants tonight. Romo’s legacy starts now.”This is something of a playoff game, because if we don’t win, we don’t get in,” Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said. “This is definitely a signature game for Tony.”

Romo should finish 2011 with his third 4,000-yard passing season and his second 30-touchdown season, but if the Cowboys don’t beat the Giants, no one will care, including Romo.”It’s about winning and losing, so that’s all it’s going to be about,” he said. Romo has more attempts (2,531), more completions (1,627), more yards (20,283), a better completion percentage (64.3) and more touchdowns (144) than any Cowboys quarterback after 76 starts.

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Giants Handing Out ‘All In’ Towels for Sunday’s Game Against Dallas (Picture)

From Larry Brown Sports

With the way the NFC East has been so hectic all season long, it’s only fitting that the final game of the regular season has become an extension of the playoffs. The playoff scenario for the Giants and Cowboys heading into this weekend is quite simple: win and you’re in. Match-ups between Dallas and New York are typically enticing enough, but nothing beats a rivalry game with a playoff spot on the line. That’s why the Giants want the fans at the Meadowlands to give 110 percent. Do you think these “All In” towels can inspire them?

We here at LBS love a good giveaway as much as the next person.  That being said, this seems a little too gimmicky for me since we’re talking about an already rabid fan base.  The Giants are trying to be kind in giving their fans something to wave around, but usually the followers of the G-Men don’t need any type of boost.  Giving away corny towels is normally reserved for teams like the Milwaukee Brewers.  If the team thinks a stadium full of towels might help, I guess it can’t hurt to try.

Lots of rumors about a DC Cheerleader, from a Philly fan of course

As you may or may not have heard by now, there seems to be some rampant rumor from Deadspin.com that a certain un-named Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is/has been caught in a (clears throat) compromising situation?

An emailer contacted Deadspin, claiming to have naughty photos of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, as well as emails belonging to the cheerleader in which she arranges sex parties with strangers on Craigslist. In one of the messages, the cheerleader inquires about monetary compensation for her participation.

Let me set the stage for you. A.J. Daulerio is the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Deadspin. Now he seems like a nice chap, except he’s from Philly. That would be the same place the Philadelphia Eagles are from. Are you getting my drift here?

From Deadspin:

Price Offered: Less than $100

From [Redacted]:

I am in possession of risque pictures of a current Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. In the pictures, she is not completely naked, but she is posing in her panties, lingerie, and does expose her butt in one of the pictures. I also have e-mails from this cheerleader responding to ads on craigslist for sex parties. In these e-mails, this cheerleader arranges meetings with strangers that posted on craigslist looking for sexual partners, including threesomes and other fetish party inquiries. This cheerleader arranged sexual meetings with multiple sex partner’s through craigslist, and in most of these situations even inquired whether there would be compensation involved for her sexual services.

I want to know if these pictures and e-mails are something that your website would be interested in obtaining, and if you would pay for this information.

You can read the entire “transcript” if you choose, and I guess you may not even need to, if you see where this is going.

The question that comes to my mind is how credible is all of this? Maybe this is breaking news and we will find out. Then again, it might just be a convenient post against an NFC East rival.



The One With A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Selling Herself For Sex Parties On Craigslist (Deadspin.com)

NFL, Dallas Cowboys Owner Seek Dismissal of Super Bowl Suit

Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this.

The National Football League and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones asked a judge  to dismiss a lawsuit over Super Bowl XLV tickets, saying reimbursement offers to  displaced ticket holders were legally adequate.

“These offers were made to be accommodating to the NFL’s valued fans, but in  fact, they exceed the amount to which any of the ticket holders is entitled,”  lawyers for the NFL and Jones said in a court filing today.

I guess I don’t understand the defense that the NFL and Jerry Jones are using. It sounds like they are saying that they replaced the ticket holders expense for the original seats that they purchased.

The fans, seeking to represent other ticket holders in a class-action, or group  suit, accuse the league and Jones of breach of contract, breach of faith and  fair dealing, fraud, deceit and concealment and negligent misrepresentation.
Lawyers for the league and Jones said in an earlier filing that they offered to  pay 3,296 fans a total of $4.5 million to $9.3 million.

“The motion filed by the NFL is nothing more than a Hail Mary pass,” Michael  Avenatti, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said in a phone interview. “Unfortunately  for them, it is going to land on the ground.”

About 475 fans weren’t  seated and watched the game on video screens. Another 2,821 fans were relocated  to new seats, or were delayed outside the stadium, according to court  papers.

The case is Simms v  Jones, 3:11-cv–00248 U.S. District Court, Northern District of Texas  (Dallas).

It sounds like some fans weren’t even given seats inside of the stadium. What sort of reimbursement is that?

NFL, Dallas Cowboys Owner Seek Dismissal of Super Bowl Suit (SFGate)

Wake Up Call: Of course Jerry is invited to the wedding

In the biggest publicity stunt since Barnum and Bailey’s Circus came to town, Jerry Jones actually went on ESPN to tell us mere mortal, poor people that he has “special permission” to attend Tony Romo’s wedding this Saturday in Dallas. Isn’t that special?

“I’ve gotten special permission,” Jones said. “But more than anything, [I got
the] right ticket from him and his fianceé — Romo’s wife-to-be. [It’s] one of
prettiest invitations I’ve ever seen.

Oh please Jerry. Do me a favor and get back to the negotiating table and break this impasse with the NFL Players Union, and lets play some football ok?

Because of the lockout, NFL teams are not allowed to speak with players or agents. However, there have been some charity events where players and coaches have crossed paths.

Technically, Jones doesn’t need special permission from the league to go to Romo’s wedding. Personal events and situations where team officials would interact with a player — such as weddings, funerals, serious illnesses or
medical emergencies — don’t need to be cleared through the league office.

Romo has sent out wedding invitations to all of his teammates and most, if not all, are expected to attend. Romo is marrying former television reporter Candice Crawford.

“It’s going to be a fun day,” Romo said earlier this week. “When you have the right one, you just know.”

Boy Howdy, we are happy now.



What you missed while wondering how to reduce the price of gasoline.

Dirk Nowitzki can break a Off the Bench]

And oh yeah, Mavs WIN!!!



Shouldn’t you be a little concerned when things are too good to be true?


Thanks for reading the blog, have a great day!


Romo misses U.S. Open bid with 81

Well, Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys had plenty of time to play golf since the Cowboys or any other team can’t practice due to the NFL lockout, but now he can’t even do that.

Romo shot a 9-over 81 at the local qualifier at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club in McKinney on Monday. He had needed to finish in the top 10 to move on to sectional qualifying at Dallas Athletic Club next month. The U.S. Open is June 16-19 at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md.

See what happens when you get engaged?

U.S. Open bid over for Tony Romo (81)

Tony Romo’s Wedding Invitations are out

It’s no secret that Tony Romo is getting married to Candice Crawford in Dallas on May 28.

We just got our hands on a copy of the wedding invitation.

Today TMZ is making a huge deal out of it.

We know Candice is a gorgeous woman. And this Dallas girl was the runner-up in Tony’s pageant. But what about honorable mention? …

So Tony’s middle name is Ramiro???

The Baltimore Ravens need Judge Judy

If I’m the Baltimore Ravens this morning, I would be sooooo mad with the NFL for lack of support. In today’s world of contracts, this NFL draft should be a cover story on verbal agreements and Judge Judy should be called in to investigate and make a ruling.

The Ravens were trying to get a fourth-round pick that was part of an
uncompleted trade with the Chicago Bears that caused the clock to run out on the Ravens with the 26th overall pick. The Ravens still were able to get their targeted player in Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith at No. 27, but they were supposed to get an additional pick from the Bears if a trade had been finalized.

“There has been some dialogue between the Ravens, the other organization and the league,” Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said before ESPN’s report came out Friday night. “I’ll just have to leave it at that. Where it’s going to go, we don’t know. But there has been some dialogue.”

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