Hopkins says McNabb isn’t black enough

It’s kind of amazing to me how people think sometimes. Bernard Hopkins has a big title fight coming up in 10 days, But first, he thought he would weigh in on Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb.

I want to stop right here and ask the question: Hopkins has a fight in 10 days. Doesn’t he have enough to do and look forward to in getting ready for a fight without wondering about McNabb’s skin color? I’m just asking here.

From USAToday:

“Forget this,” said Hopkins, who is black, while pointing to his skin (via Philly.com). “He’s got a suntan. That’s all.”

Wow. I guess we should give Hopkins the benefit of the doubt right? I mean, he is from Philadelphia right?

Bernard Hopkins says Donovan McNabb isn’t black enough (USAToday)

Michael Vick still in the News

Negative news still surrounds NFL QB Michael Vick.

Michael Vick has told federal investigators that he never used performance-enhancing drugs, but Plano steroids trafficker David Jacobs told The Dallas Morning News before his death that he was Vick’s supplier when Vick played for the Atlanta Falcons.

I would like to give Vick the benefit of the doubt here, and I wonder why the Dallas Morning News is dragging this story out, especially since Mr. Jacobs is no longer alive to attest to these “facts”.

The News did not publish Jacobs’ allegations against the NFL quarterback because authorities at the time declined to confirm Vick was part of the Jacobs investigation.

I don’t claim to be an attorney, but I have to wonder what the motivation for this story is. It’s my belief that Vick has indeed turned his life around and has been sincere and successful in doing so.  I don’t mean to be funny here when I say isn’t it time we stop dog-piling on Michael Vick?

Plano steroids dealer said he supplied NFL’s Vick (DMN)

Cowboys, the morning after

The demons are dead. Finally.

And what bettter way to exorcise demons than to beat your most hated rival 3 times in one season, the final game last night should not have left any doubt.

Man, where do I start?

How about setting the record straight?

The Cowboys’ 34-14 victory over Philadelphia on Saturday night was not just another wild-card victory in the club’s rich history. This win erased 156 months and 4,760 days of postseason failure. This win means the Cowboys are once again relevant in January.

Romo led an offense that sucked the life out of the Eagles by holding the ball more than 39 minutes. The Cowboys threw 27 points at the Eagles in the second quarter to erase any doubt.

So…..what I want to ask the Philly team and fans now is, who got stung? Can you speak up? I can’t hear you.

Don’t you feel bad for spitting on our Star now?

More later, but for now, let’s enjoy the victory, the domination and HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!


A New Week, An Old Foe

I am still enjoying the victory by the Cowboys over the Eagles yesterday.  I always like reading the newspaper of the city the Cowboys beat, like the Philadelphia Inquirer. This was pretty funny to me.

There were hints that Reid, McDermott, and Marty Mornhinweg held back in game-planning. The Eagles did not blitz Dallas quarterback Tony Romo the way they needed to. Was that because they thought this was the best approach, or because they didn’t want to show all their cards?

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