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Rockies sign Roy Oswalt to minor league contract


As first teased by Roy Oswalt on his Twitter account, the Rockies just announced that they have signed the veteran right-hander to a minor league contract.

Oswalt is expected to report to extended spring training and will presumably join a minor league affiliate from there. The 35-year-old right-hander wasn’t in camp with a major league team this spring, so it might take him around a month or so in order to build his workload.

It’s worthwhile pickup for the Rockies, who are off to a surprising 17-11 start and have struggled to attract high-profile pitchers over the years. There wasn’t much interest in Oswalt this winter after he had a disappointing 5.80 ERA in nine starts and eight relief appearances with the Rangers last season, but he still managed a 59/11 K/BB ratio in 59 innings. It’s worth a shot to see if he still has something left.

Teams feel like Roy Oswalt “doesn’t want it bad enough”

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe hears that Roy Oswalt “may still want to pitch, but, again, on his terms and perhaps for only a half a season.” He adds:

“… many teams have given up trying to persuade him to pitch, feeling the vibe is that he just doesn’t want it bad enough.”

Sounds about right.  In addition to not pitching very well last season — Oswalt posted a 5.80 ERA over 59 innings for the Rangers — he was not at all happy when Ron Washington moved him to the bullpen.

One can never know what truly lurks in the hearts of men, but there seems to lack a sense of self-awareness in Oswalt.  Dude must think he’s still some ace-for-hire as opposed to, well, what he is.

Anyone want Roy Oswalt? He cleared waivers

Roy Oswalt has been a bust for Texas, posting a 5.94 ERA in 50 innings while being demoted to the bullpen, which isn’t exactly what the Rangers had in mind when they signed him for $5 million in May.

He’s still owed about $1 million of that money and Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com reports that Oswalt recently passed through waivers without being claimed by any of the other 29 teams.

That means the Rangers are now free to trade him to any team, and with yesterday’s reports about the Dodgers looking to add some veteran rotation help Oswalt might be a fit back in the National League.

For as ugly as the 5.94 ERA looks, Oswalt does have a strong 47/10 K/BB ratio in 50 innings and his average fastball velocity of 91.4 miles per hour is identical to what it was in 2011.

Roy Oswalt is staying in the bullpen

This morning we talked about Roy Oswalt’s displeasure with being a reliever. This afternoon the Rangers basically said “tough.”  T.R. Sullivan reports:

Assistant general manager Thad Levine said the club has talked to Oswalt about his desire to start but made it clear to him that he will be used out of the bullpen. Levine declined to say if Oswalt has asked to be traded.

I presume that one of two things happens now: Oswalt shuts up and takes the ball when Ron Washington gives it to him or else he gets DFA’d.  The Rangers are in a pennant race. They don’t have time to deal with this kind of garbage.


Roy Oswalt: team player

Roy Oswalt stunk up the joint starting for the Rangers, so they moved him to the bullpen. Texas needs the bullpen help and, in his first two outings as a reliever, Oswalt has been darn good, pitching three scoreless innings.

But yesterday, when Ron Washington wanted one more inning out of him, Oswalt said no, despite the fact that he hasn’t been worked particularly hard lately.  Evan Grant reports:

Manager Ron Washington was ready to send Oswalt back out for the ninth inning of what was then a tie game, but Oswalt declined … “He said he couldn’t go any further,” Washington said. “He said he had enough. To get anymore, you have to ask him.”

That, combined with Jon Daniels’ acknowledgment that Oswalt and/or his agent has voiced his displeasure with moving to the pen sure makes it sound like Oswalt is pouting.

When Oswalt held off signing with anyone at the beginning of the year and then went to Texas, he said that he wanted to be in the position to get a World Series ring. Now he’s with a team that stands a good chance of getting one, and he apparently doesn’t want to do what’s necessary to get that ring.

But hey, if starting is more important to him, I’m sure Houston would welcome him back.

Rangers demote struggling Roy Oswalt to the bullpen

UPDATE: No matter the reason(s) for Oswalt’s struggles, the Rangers have decided to demote him to the bullpen following their trade for Ryan Dempster. Last time Oswalt made more than one relief appearance in a season? As a 23-year-old rookie in 2001.


Roy Oswalt got lit up for three homers and a total of eight runs by the Angels last night, and afterward the 34-year-old right-hander told Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas that his long layoff between starts was to blame.

Oswalt skipped his last turn in the rotation because of back soreness, so he went 12 days between starts, and his mechanics were out of whack:

I need to get a more consistent arm angle. Sometimes I’m down, sometimes I’m too far up. I can’t find that spot that felt great. Not getting to throw for 11 or 12 days, sometimes that happens.

On one hand prior to last night Oswalt had put together back-to-back solid starts. On the other hand he now has a 6.49 ERA and .333 opponents’ batting average in six starts overall, so if his mechanics are to blame for getting knocked around it isn’t something new.

And his struggles are among the reasons why the Rangers are linked to seemingly every veteran starter potentially on the trading block.

Sunday Scattershooting: To Receipt or Not to Receipt

Good Sunday morning,

Little things in life that make me wonder sometimes: Have you ever wondered how much paper we waste on receipts?

I know, I know, everyone automatically thinks we need a receipt for our purchases, but let’s talk about this a second. I went to get a simple cup of coffee, (two sugars) and had to get a receipt handed to me with my change. Wait, i don’t really need a receipt for a cup of coffee do I? I mean, I have proof i paid for the coffee cause it’s in my hands right  now.

Wait, maybe I need it for tax reasons? No. Maybe I need the receipt to prove where I have been? No. It’s just a waste of paper to me. Now, I have to pull forward through the drive-through and drop it in the waste can. Oh, and i live it when the clerk gives me receipts and tells me to fill out the survey on the back, when in fact all the company wants to do is get my e-mail address to send me spam or print off more items that are useless. I thought computers were suppose to make us a “paperless” society?

Which leads me to another pet peeve. Went out to dinner last night at a nice restaurant with friends. Our server kept checking on us like ever 5 minutes. It was so often I almost had to mention to her that it was becoming too excessive. I was looking around for her before i took a bite it was so often. Did I leave a tip? Yes, I left a tip, but I’m going to caution her the next time I go in there.

Thanks to my old high school friend Calvin for the baseball tickets Friday to see Roy Oswalt pitch. Calvin wasn’t able to join us as originally planned as he developed a terrible cold and couldn’t go. But the game was awesome.

 Roy Oswalt was a little shaky in his recent minor league tuneup starts, posting a 5.87 ERA over 15 1/3 innings between Double-A Frisco and Triple-A Round Rock, but he rendered any concerns meaningless last night.

Oswalt was very impressive in his Rangers’ debut, allowing just one run over 6 1/3 innings as part of a 4-1 victory over the Rockies. It was his first start in a major league game since Game 4 of the NLDS against the Cardinals last year. The 34-year-old right-hander scattered nine hits while striking out six and walking just one. He didn’t allow a run until his 110th and final pitch of the evening via an RBI double by Marco Scutaro in the top of the seventh inning.

According to Brooks Baseball, Oswalt’s fastball topped out at 93.1 mph and averaged 91.5 mph, which was nearly identical to his average velocity last season with the Phillies. However, that’s still a tick below his career average of 92.9 mph. It will be interesting to see how Oswalt fares in his first go-around in the American League, especially coming off a season where he posted his lowest strikeout and swinging strike rate of his career, but he should be a stabilizing force for a rotation which has already battled numerous injuries and features a rookie pitcher, Yu Darvish, who is trying to find his way in his first season stateside.

 So it was a great game to watch and let’s hope Roy continues and returns to his path of greatness.
Lots to fo today. Oh, did I mention summer is here? Stay hydrated ya’ll.
I think that’s going to be my new tag line. “Stay hydrated ya’ll”.
I like it.

I’m Back

Hey everyone! It’s been a long three months but I’m back again!

I worked through a temp agency and my assignment ended yesterday, after working 55 hours per week for the last 3 months. The job site was 35 miles from home, so after I got off work at 7:00 PM, it took me an hour to get home. By the time I ate and sat down, it was bedtime.

I’m so glad to be back on “normal” time.

Lots to talk about. I’m looking forward to seeing Roy Oswalt and the Rangers tonight at the Temple. Looking forward to seeing my old classmate Calvin after what 42 years? It’s been a long time since art class huh Cal?

Let’s hope the Rangers keep on winning! More later.

Roy Oswalt got shelled last night

From Hardball Talk

The Rangers could use Roy Oswalt now. Yesterday even. He just can’t pitch like he did yesterday: dude gave up five runs on six hits over four innings including a grand slam by Royals’ prospect Wil Myers in the Round Rock-Omaha game.

Here’s video of the Myers grand slam. To be fair, Myers is gonna do that against everyone. He’s hitting .324/.375./.793 at Omaha and is gonna be a  beast.


Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels to discuss adding Roy Oswalt to Rangers

After the news that Neftali Feliz would be spending some time on the disabled list with an inflamed elbow, Nolan Ryan discussed what the Rangers might have to do on Galloway and Company on KESN-FM 103.3 on Monday. Among the considerations Texas might make, Ryan said, was to consider free agent Roy Oswalt for the void.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Ryan said. “Jon Daniels is in flight today to Seattle. So I have to call in with him. We have many things to talk about. But that will be obviously one thing we’ll discuss, about who’s going to fill that rotation spot.

“Feldman is scheduled to do it right now and we obviously have Ogando in our bullpen, whether you’d want to take him and put him back in the rotation. But that leaves a big hole in your bullpen. Or if Roy is a possibility, I want to visit with J.D. and see what the scouts told him what they had seen because I really think that Roy wants to come back and as he has indicated prior that he would like to play with us so we’ll take a look at that and see what happens.”

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