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Super Bowl Ad Teasers

Well ladies and germs, it’s officially Super Bowl Week and you know what that means? It means it’s time for some unforgetable, expensive commercial ads that will be played during the Super Bowl. At the price of a 30 second ad, you know these have got to be good right? Well, maybe.

Have a look at a few I was able to find:

Bud Light “Lucky Chair” 15-second Teaser

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It’s time for the Super Bowl ads

It’s that time again! Oh sure, I’m not talking about the football game, I’m talking about the crazy commercials that accompany the Super Bowl. Looks like we are in store for some great ones. (Cough, cough)

There seems to be a common theme this year.





PETA liked this?


According to the Hollywood Reporter this ad showed too much skin and was too suggestive for NBC’s Super Bowl coverage. It’s been banned. Who knew People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals were so edgy?

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