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The T.O. Project in Seattle is over

Seriously, what is it about Terrell Owens?

From NFL.com

According to Terrell Owens, he is no longer a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

The 38-year-old receiver spread the news via Twitter on Sunday:

I’m no longer a Seahawk. I THANK the organization 4 the opportunity, I’m truly blessed beyond belief. My FAITH is intact & will NOT waiver.

Owens failed to separate himself from Braylon Edwards and the rest of Seattle’s receiving group.

Outside of a beautiful circus catch against the Chiefs on Friday, Owens didn’t look like a serious candidate to make Seattle’s roster after three subpar preseason games. He was toyed with by defenders and we saw him drop too many catchable balls. He still has the speed — he still looks 25 — but something was missing.

It’s been a wild year for Owens, but this likely ends the football portion of 2012 for the long-time veteran.


H/T to Mr. Will

Terrell Owens Credits Allen Wranglers Players for Humbling Him

Terrell Owens is back in the NFL, with what is reportedly a one-year, just-under-$1 million contract to play for the Seattle Seahawks. And he’s saying all the right things. In the press conference Owens spoke at yesterday, he credited the tenacity of his former Allen Wranglers teammates (and all the other self-imposed hell he’s gone through in the last two years) for making him–yes, he used this word–”humble.” (You can watch the entire press conference here.)

I might not believe the claim, had I not seen how broken he is with my own eyes. Even Skip Bayless, probably the most public and vocal T.O. hater in the country, says he “likes where he’s at mentally,” even if he still thinks Owens will flop in Seattle.

So, I guess that makes those guys in Allen–the ones still making less than $300 a game–feel a little better.

Terrell Owens’s Darkest Days


Broke, blackballed, and out of work, T.O. looks for another chance


Here’s a great story from Michael Mooney over at Grantland


Since signing with the Allen Wranglers, Terrell Owens hasn’t exactly been excited to talk to reporters. Back in his Philadelphia days, in the prime of his career, he used to hold press conferences all the time, sometimes in his own driveway. He couldn’t wait to be on camera. He would tell reporters what questions to ask. He never shied away from a microphone: not in a locker room, not in a studio, and certainly not on his own reality show.

Check out the full story.


Terrell Owens makes Wranglers debut

From ESPN:

ALLEN, Texas — Terrell Owens‘ professional football career continued after a year-long absence on Saturday night, in a suburban Texan town nearly 90 minutes from the nearest NFL stadium.

Owens is now 38 and playing for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. In his debut, Owens caught three passes — all touchdowns — for 53 yards as the Wranglers defeated the Wichita Wild, 50-30, in front of an announced crowd of 5,711 at the Allen Events Center.

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From prime time to online: ESPN3 to cover Terrell Owens’ IFL debut

From Sportress of Blogitude

There was a time when the presence of Terrell Owens in a football game qualified as must-see TV. Things have changed quite a bit since then, as illustrated by the news that T.O.’s debut for the Allen (Texas) Wranglers of the Indoor Football League will be covered live online courtesy of ESPN3, the Worldwide Leader in Sports’ online streaming service. How the mighty have fallen.

Owens will make his big Indoor Football League splash on Saturday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. when the Wranglers take on the Wichita Wild, and if you know anything about the IFL, you undoubtedly are aware that indoor football rivalries don’t come more intense than the one that exists between these two squads.

Further, imagine what kind of over-the-top, me-first, look-at-me hijinks Owens might have in store for those watching, free of the restraints imposed upon him by the No Fun League. Maybe he’ll break out the old Sharpie routine if he scores a touchdown. Although given his current dire financial straits, he might have to borrow a marker from someone in the stands to pull it off.

So, if by chance you have run out of walls in your house which require supervision due to the paint that is drying on them, you can catch all the action here. It’s sad in a way to see what has become of one of the all-time wide receiver greats in NFL history. We’re talking about online streaming here. Then again, this is the IFL and this is likely the most significant exposure the league has ever received. And they owe it all to Terrell Owens.

Terrell Owens still thinks he can make an NFL return

Terrell Owens can’t still be thinking about playing in the NFL, can he? He can. Now that T.O. has officially signedwith the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League — which I had never heard of until a couple weeks ago — most of us assume he has accepted the fact that he will never wear an NFL uniform again. In his mind that is not the case.

“I have no answers as for why I’m here,” Owens said according to the Star-Telegram. “I know God works in mysterious ways. It was an opportunity for myself and my family. It’s a way for myself to keep in shape. I haven’t retired from the NFL. I want to play a couple more years. I know I’m physically fit to play the game still.”

It is also an opportunity for Owens to make $500,000. Although he made around $35 million during his NFL career, T.O. sounds like he could use the money.

“I allowed people to tell me they were taking care of my situation, (and for me to) go out and focus on football,” Owens said. “I am partially at fault for that. It was an eye-opener for myself and my family. … I feel like I have been put on this platform to tell these guys, ‘Be on top of your finances.’ Because they say they are doing one thing and they’re not.”

As for furthering his NFL career: I highly doubt it. There is always an outside chance that a team in desperate need could take a chance on a guy like T.O., but he is 38 years old and a year removed from football. I don’t know much about the Indoor Football League, but I doubt it helps a receiver keep his skills sharp for the NFL. Don’t hold your breath.

Terrell Owens is making a comeback in the Dallas area

But not for the Dallas Cowboys.

For the Allen Wranglers.


That’s right, the Indoor Football League team extended a formal, six-figure contract offer to Owens a month ago. Talks between Wranglers owner Jon Frankel, Owens and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, have increased recently, Frankel said. The Wranglers’ website announced that the offer to Owens includes a compensation package of $250,000 up to $500,000.

Frankel said he talked to a member of Rosenhaus’ agency Thursday and the dialogue was “far from conversation” and that Owens is “much closer” to signing with the Wranglers’ team than he was a month ago. Rosenhaus couldn’t be reached for comment.

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There Is A Warrant Out For Terrel Owens’ Arrest

T.O. can’t seem to get anything right lately.

Now, there is a bench warrant out for his arrest after he  failed to show up for a child support meeting on October 24, according to  TMZ.

This was the same day he held that public work out that no NFL scouts showed up  to.


Hopkins says McNabb isn’t black enough

It’s kind of amazing to me how people think sometimes. Bernard Hopkins has a big title fight coming up in 10 days, But first, he thought he would weigh in on Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb.

I want to stop right here and ask the question: Hopkins has a fight in 10 days. Doesn’t he have enough to do and look forward to in getting ready for a fight without wondering about McNabb’s skin color? I’m just asking here.

From USAToday:

“Forget this,” said Hopkins, who is black, while pointing to his skin (via Philly.com). “He’s got a suntan. That’s all.”

Wow. I guess we should give Hopkins the benefit of the doubt right? I mean, he is from Philadelphia right?

Bernard Hopkins says Donovan McNabb isn’t black enough (USAToday)

It’s time to put a gag order on T.O. talk


Since the Cowboys cut Terrell Owens in March, owner Jerry Jones has offered up a number of nuanced explanations for the surprise move.

Just when you thought it was safe to take a summer vacation, Jerry Jones and Son have provided the sixth and seventh explanations of the offseason for why Terrell Owens is no longer on the Cowboys’ roster. And if you’re in the Dallas area, make sure and stop by T.O.’s “invitation only” going-away-forever party at the Empire Club on Thursday evening.

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