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Wade Phillips reminds us all he’s a better coach than Jason Garrett


Wade Phillips is still unemployed  since being fired as defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans in January, and he is working hard to get a new gig.

A little over a week after being fired by the Texans, Phillips went on Twitter and touted his accomplishments as a coach in some sort of marketing move:

Two months later, Phillips went back to Twitter to promote himself.

On Thursday, Phillips sent a tweet comparing himself to current Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, who replaced him during the 2010 season.

I can’t believe Wade is actually comparing his futile record with Garrett’s futile record.

I don’t think it says much about either coach.

Both coaches were pretty mediocre. Wade needs to stop blasting his tweets all over the place. USA Today and many other blogs are using this as Cowboys fodder today.



Phillips: ‘No regrets’ about Cowboys tenure

IRVING, Texas – Wade Phillips returns to AT&T Stadium tonight for the first time since he was fired as Dallas Cowboys head coach midway through the 2010 season, coordinating the Houston Texans‘ defense in the preseason finale for both teams.

It’s a contest that will be played mostly by backups and roster-fillers, and it’s a little different than a regular-season matchup, but Phillips’ return is worth noting.

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Looks like Jason Garrett’s raise paid off

Yeah, when you get a job like the head coaching job for the Dallas Cowboys, you should be able to get a 4 million dollar home.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett put his house on the market about two weeks ago with none other than agent to the stars Allie Beth Allman.

Also, Rhonda Aikman bought a home in Preston Hollow and Troy quietly put his home on the market.

Two weeks ago we all wondered where the Garrett’s could be going.

To Maplewood, it seems. The Garretts apparently have a contract on a glorious circa 1999 Euro-villa with smooth-as-a-baby’s-butt limestone exteriors, large living and entertaining areas, wide wood planked floors, 11 foot ceilings down, gourmet kitchen with two of just about everything, breakfast room, den, loggia, pool, study, four bedrooms, four and a half baths, 6900 plus square feet, study, sitting room, two bedroom, two bath apartment over the 3 car rear garage, and yes, four fireplaces. Not really pricey, either: listed for $3,795,000.

What is it about millionaires, football, and fireplaces?

Hey Jerry, I think YOU are the problem!

No one wants to read about how bad their team is, but you just can’t help it right? I hate writing about a losing team, especially since it’s been my team for 50 years now.

Why are the Cowboys 1-4 after the game today in Minnesota? Because we don’t have effective coaching. Why don’t we have effective coaching? Because Jerry Jones wants to be the man. He wants to be the Alpha Male. He’s willing to gamble that if his team makes it to the Super Bowl, in some sick sort of way, he can stand on the podium and claim responsibility. Since that isn’t going to happen given the poor record so far this year, then he should take the blame right?

Everyone in North America knows Jerry only hires people he can train as puppets. If they won’t be a Jerry puppet, they go elsewhere. (See Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson).

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You know it’s bad when…

You know it’s a bad day when it’s 4th down and you are on the Viking 40 and you go for the field goal instead of going for it because you didn’t know it was only a yard to make the first down? So was the coach’s thinking after the game.

And didn’t the Cowboys play a team 3 times this year that is known for blitzing and stop them with decent play calling and won? What happened to that game plan of short screens and draws?

And didn’t the Cowboys sound like sissys for complaining that the Vikes ran the score up? Lemme tell you the rules from grade school Cowboys. If you don’t want the score driven up, grow a pair of peaches and stop them!!! So not only did the Cowboys get out coached, we just got beat, man for man. And then we have the gall to cry about it? Please.

And Jerry couldn’t hold the news that he extended Wade’s contract till next week? He had to say that yesterday? Like Wade has something else to do next week? Just crazy.

Congrats to the 2009 NFC East Champion Dallas Cowboys!

Fact:  With the shutout today of the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s the first time in the 49 year history of the Dallas Cowboys where they have shut out teams 2 consecutive games in a row.

Fact: Tony Romo is the only QB in the NFL that has taken every snap for his team this year.

Fact: The Dallas Cowboys are your 2009 NFC East Champions.

The Cowboys are hot right now, just at the right time.

Tony Romo threw a pair of early touchdown passes and the defense took over from there, sending Dallas to a 24-0 victory over Philadelphia on Sunday and setting up a rematch at their new palace next weekend.

The Cowboys (11-5) have quickly become a team nobody wants to face this postseason. This was their third straight impressive win and their most complete performance of the entire season.

The shutout also made for a major milestone in the club’s storied history: First-ever back-to-back blanking. Only twice in the previous 49 seasons had they even had two shutouts the entire season.

Philadelphia (11-5) hadn’t been swept by Dallas since 2005. The Eagles had two of their three lowest-scoring games against the Cowboys, with the common denominator being a lack of big plays. Their longest in this game was 32 yards on a first-half drive that ended in a fumbled snap.

And this is what Eagles coach Andy Reid said after the game:

“We’ll be ready,” a terse coach Andy Reid said after the game.

“They were a better football team all the way around, offense, defense and special teams … We have to go back to the drawing board and make sure we get things right for this next game here.”

“I didn’t think it was a lack of effort. It goes back to putting the players in the right position and when they are in the right positions to make the plays. Maybe a little bit too much effort, maybe to relax a little bit.”

Reid said the Eagles were going to try to “learn from their mistakes and do better the next time.”

The coach was asked about going for a David Akers field goal, trailing by 17-0.

“I would like to have gotten some points there.”

 On the injury front, Reid said DeSean Jackson tweaked his groin but was “feeling all right.”

Michael Vick was again inactive with a quad strain, but Reid said he did not have any setback leading into the game.

“We had a couple of things with him this week and decided to pull back there,” Reid said.

Man oh man, the NEXT game is gonna be just as awesome as today. The difference? It will finally be a time to win a playoff game for a change.

If Wade was on the hotseat before, he’s on the open flame now…

Let me begin by saying I like Wade. He’s a Texan, he’s a good guy. He’s just not the guy to lead the Dallas Cowboys as the head coach. That isn’t his fault. Really and truly the culprit here is Jerry Jones. Why? Because even though Jerry would do anything to put a Super Bowl team together, his hands-on approach of being on the side lines, the sock and jocks approach actually keeps him from succeeding at something he wants more than anything. Wade is considered a “puppet coach”.

Perception about a situation is so stark. So telling.

No offense, but Wade is old. He’s not a physical specimen. His teams get beat. Is he a great defensive coordinator? You betcha. His defense has kept the Cowboys in a lot of games this year. Is he the guy his players respect as a coach? No. While his players love him, the players are like the fans, we don’t see a “killer instinct” with Wade.

Why am I dwelling on Wade? Because it the method Jerry chooses to fail in December. Bottom line? The Cowboys aren’t that good. Aren’t that good compared to the new NFC East leaders Eagles. Not as good as the New York Giants that have beaten the Boys twice this year.

I’m tired of Wade explaining it all away and end up saying “we have to work on it this week to be better next week.” Let’s just face it, and use the old cliché it is what it is.

I’m not saying the Boys aren’t trying, I’m just saying the talent level isn’t as good as other teams. How do you not score from the 1 yard line?

Now, we have to see the Eagles and their smug  fans bypass the Cowboys and we have to play the Eagles again for the last game of the season for a must win. Does this sound familiar to last year?

I get tired-head trying to figure out the December thing with the Cowboys. Tired of hearing Wade explain away why this team is mediocre. Tired of hearing how fancy Cowboys Stadium is when a good college team could beat the Dallas Cowboys by stuffing the box.

It’s a sad day whenever I look forward to baseball and have to be satisfied with thinking about Ranger’s opening day.

Is fate against the Cowboys too?

Is fate against the Cowboys too?

My Opinion by Lew Patton


The Dallas Cowboys must have some bad karma. It’s no secret now that some people were hurt inside the practice “bubble” that was supposed to protect the personnel from the elements like there was Saturday at about 3:00 PM.

It is a shame that a coach and a person from scouting both had injuries to their backs. One is paralyzed from the waist down. He is just 32 years old and in the prime of his life. The other is the son-in-law of Dan Reeves. No word if he will be able to coach this year, if that even matters at this point. You remember Dan Reeves right? The coach who Jones hired for two days and wanted him to punch a time card as a condition of employment earlier this year?

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Does being a Cowboys fan mean you try to help Jerry fix the team?


How many Cowboys fans are reading this blog? Raise your hand!

I think we as “fans” need to define what a fan is. To some people it seems, being a Cowboys fan means you support every decision, every breath, any and everything because it has the Blue Star attached to it.

Then there are some “fans” who love the Cowboys, but would like to give advice to Jerry just like if  he was your brother and you can see he’s about to put diesel in his unleaded tank.

Two types of fans, but still a love for the Cowboys. That’s ok isn’t it? Except sometimes, the type 1 fan doesn’t understand the type 2 fan and vice versa.

Like Jimmy was saying in the above video, Jerry is his own worst enemy. To me, as I look around the NFL, if  Jerry would just be the owner and stay the hell out of Valley Ranch, his investment would be worth no telling how much money, and the Cowboys are the most valuable team in the NFL already. So to a working class dude like myself, the only thing the Cowboys are to people like Jerry is a toy of some kind. The reason I say that is because if he wanted to make money, he could make even more money staying away from the team and treating his coaches like puppets. But no, Jerry wants to play coach. And he’s not a coach. Jimmy Johnsons knows it, and I know it, and lots of “fans” that support the Cowboys know it.

Chris Canty – Gone to the Giants

The Cowboys choose Brookings over Burnett

The Cowboys choose Kitna for Anthony Henry

It appears the Cowboys are letting good players go in favor of paying way too much for older, less athletic players. Should I get my pom-poms out now and cheer, or should I tell Jerry he is at the diesel pump? I’m, a life-long fan, I just hate to see Jerry screw this up. If that makes the other “fans” upset, I’m sorry. I just hate to see my Cowboys run on diesel.

And here is a fan that I truly respect. Mr. Shango. Watch this video and see if the current state of the Cowboys doesn’t upset him.


The Dallas Cowboys are a bunch of undisciplined dudes

New information is slowly leaking out about some of the issues that were a part of the disastrous 2008 season of the Dallas Cowboys. The beat reporter for the Dallas Morning News’ Calvin Watkins is reporting today that the Cowboys were often late for meetings and team travel charters for games. And it appears that if a player were late for events, they had their hands slapped, but just barely.

Multiple sources close to the team paint a picture of turmoil inside the locker room far greater than originally thought, and the organization is determined to solve the problems. Sources say there were many issues this season that call into question team discipline, commitment and accountability.

The team charter left late for road games five times this season because players were late to the airport according to three sources. The total represented more than half of the eight regular season away games. Sources declined to name the late players. The Philadelphia trip was delayed by more than an hour.

Phillips may not be completely to blame for the smaller fines. A source said Phillips asked Jones to raise the fine total but was rebuffed by the owner.

Jones acknowledged some players are late for meetings. However, he said sometimes a player is late because he has to meet his media responsibilities or had a legitimate excuse.

So there you have it. The Cowboys are a team of misfits and with very little leadership making them accountable for being goof-offs. There are so many people that believe changing coaches is the only answer to these problems with the Cowboys, but I think when it’s all said and done, Jerry Jones could be the biggest reason for the problems here that he created. I’m pretty sure word on the street got to opposing teams if you just punch em in the mouth, the Cowboys would fold due to their spoiled baby appearence. The hits just keep on coming with this team don’t they?


Sources: Dallas Cowboys often tardy, undisciplined in ’08 (Dallas Morning News)


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